HOF~ The Question Spread


So I was just playing last night,just on the edge between here and the Otherworld.
Not wanting to venture fully through the gate...because, let's face it...you never know how long that's going to take!...and I was waiting for a timer in our world to go off.

So just on the edge, I was playing with the cards.
I put both the FO and the HOF together, because it was something They told me to do.

I said show me what I need at this moment...
and I drew 60 The Question.

I find this a familiar place, because even before I had these oracles, I had this particular illustration, as a greeting card in my collection.

As I didn't really have any particular question at that moment, I picked up the book and read this:
"Who am I? What is your Quest? Why have you come here, and What do you seek"? are questions often asked by the individuals you meet in faerie.

Allright...that sounds like a spread to me! And since you asked...well, I think you should help me to answer as well!

So I shuffled the whole double deck, and interestingly, t was the newer fae that answered!
It almost felt like this was a deck interview...only with the faeries, it's never quite that simple!

So, my answer was this...

Who am I? 47 the Big Behind!
Ok...so this is a little faery joke between us...as I laughed when I first saw this card, and exclaimed "hey, that's me!" I have always had a well endowed gluteus maximus.

What is my Quest? 1 Queen of the Golden Bough
Interesting. So then I am on a quest to find soul healing, and support from the faeries. Indeed.

Why have I come here to the Otherworld? 21 The Boy
Ah! Of course! I come to Faerie seeking freedom to fly, and pursue Adventures! Sure!

What do I seek? 45 The Lady of Joy
How lovely. How joyous. How True!

So I thanked them for providing me with such insights, as usual, and wandered off to finish making dinner.

I wonder, if I had gone a little further in, would my answers have been different? Would I have gotten more insight from really talking with them, instead of merely drawing cards and seeking answers int he book?

I don't think so. I think the message I got (and the Answer to the Question) was exactly what it was...and would have been true Otherwise.
Now, I just need to discover what the Magician is trying to tell me...

Anyway...I would be curious if anyone else decided to try this spread, and what answers will you find!


That sounds wonderful Chronata!! I might have to try this. hmmm.....when can I get the time to do it? Probably tomorrow or at the latest Sunday! Yep, I'm going to try this out! Thanks for pointing it out to us! :)


Great spread! Doncha love how the faeries love to poke fun with us too?