HoF: The Star Faery


This card has never, ever, not once come up for me ever.

I find that a little odd. Almost all the other cards have come up for me at least once....sometimes I just sit and sift through the deck, or shuffle and pull a card to sit and muse over. And this card...not once.

I think the Star Faerie quite beautiful, very gracious, angelic. But I also don't know quite what to do with it.



Hi Satori

Yes, the Star Faerie is beautiful.
The feeling I get from this card is in fact angelic. I feel this is a Master Deva, Nature Angel and get impressions of the Higher Self.
This card is very meditative and has a calming effect if you look at it for a longer time. I really like how colorful this spirit is. At first glance you don't see to many colors, but after a wile you do. The expression on his/her androgynous face, has no trace of ego that I can see. This faerie or should I say Deva, connects us with our Higher Self, intuition and the realm of higher light beings. For me the card talks about being in touch with our guardian angels (spirits), listening to our inner voice, to see things in life from a more connected point of view and to see our true nature beyond the ego. This is the place where we are one with this light spirit. Light and Love pop up to my mind. A love that comes not from the ego, but is unconditional. This card is full of spirituality and the power of transformation. It let's our thoughts slow down and to wake up for the now, where all things are happening :)
I also love the warm golden light which radiates from the picture. Very understanding and loving. In a reading this card could show the importance to ask our guardian spirits for help, to mediate on the situation and to listen to our intuition. Those are just a few examples of what I see/feel in this card. It's very complex :)
One of my favorite cards in the HoF deck.
Have a nice day.


Now that you mention that card, that one has never come up for me in a reading either! How peculiar. It's a pretty card, and it does have an angelic appearance to it. The being looks as if it's made of pure energy, the bottom half looking almost transparent. The face appears kind and wise to me. I would say this being is very gentle, but powerful. I wonder if this barely visible form is so thin because maybe this fae is typically not visible at all? Or, like the Singers from the FO, is of such a higher energy that more solid form isn't necessary or needed at all.