I love Honesty!!!! :-D I just got these cards last weekend and when I was going through them the card I had to stare at forever was him. Maybe he's apealing to me because I'm finally being honest with myself in a big way. Or maybe it's all that green! Wow...He's so gorgeous. Does he speak to anyone else this way?

Fatham Tyy

"Swindling begets only swindling just as selfishness begets bannana heads"
-from Courage the Cowardly Dog



You may want to try the excercises in the beginning of the book. They really help you leap into this wonderful deck and give you some instant insight on yourself. Your fondness of him may be because he's your favorite card, and with that, there is a message there. Very much like what you stated. TAke a look at the excercises, and then read the thread about favorite card. There is a thread about all the excercises here, and we would love to see what you come up with and what you have to say, or more correctly, what your fae have to say to you. GRINS. I hope this deck brings you as much assistance and insight as it has for me. It's incredible all the way around. Welcome to our band wagon ~grins happily riding along with all the beautiful fae and looks to where we're going just b/c she's curious~


Oh, I did! I did the exersises at the beginning when I first got it and it is my favorite. hehehehehe


Fatham please post your exercises if you can, we would love to read them!


She of the Cruaeh(sp?)...I see the She in Honesty..It is like they match up..Anyone else see it? No i have not read the book yet to state anymore similaritys..

When I first looked at honesty....How could he not be..Check out the Eyes...They eyes tell it all...Then I noticed She of Cruaeh in there..Hmmmm..


the eyes are quite catching. they're big but not in a creepy way ;) what is this She, Redwood?


I dotn know..it was hard to read the lettering on teh card to be honest...ugh...I should stop now while I am ahead


RedWood is referring to She of the Cruach ... I need to check out the pairing! great observation RedWood!


....Duh. That's who. After I asked when I worked with the deck She came up three times "It's ME...MEEEEEE!" lol


I just did some exercises with the Honesty card and I was quite amazed.

I noticed that he has big eyes and big "ears" but a really small mouth. I saw this: listening and watching are more important than talking when communicating. Hmmm.... I'm not sure what it says in the book, but I was quite proud of myself. :D (I'm trying hard to not look up descriptions. :) )

He also looks like he could live in the sea. Very green and flowing. I think there may be a fin hidden out of sight at the bottom! lol Perhaps I'm just influenced by a certain mermaid?! ;)

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts. :D