Horse Art Tarot Deck


Yes, I am once again jumping into the void and started to create a new art tarot deck. (Number five!) It's going to be a horse deck. I haven't seen one like it. I'm painting them in watercolors, like my other decks. I don't work directly from photos when I paint (though I do look through them for inspiration or if there is a bit of anatomy I can't quite see).

I am about three and a half paintings shy of finishing the major arcana, then the daunting task of the minors will begin. Each card will have a different image, as I think this is important in helping readers and part of the fun of making a deck. Then the task of creating the card design, box design and test printing. I will self publish again because I prefer the control, but I hope with support I can keep the price reasonable, similar to the Badgers Forest deck.

My goal is to have the deck finished by the end of the year.

More about the deck- It will be horses and occasionally other animals with them, in a natural background, but no people, and the human elements will be minimal. (I used a lantern for the hermit, who is a Shetland pony by the way). No saddles, bridles, fences etc. Just horses being horses, nothing anthropomorphic either (like the Rabbit Tarot). The card size will be same as the Badgers Forest (pretty standard tarot card size). I have not yet decided for a name of the deck (Though the Natural Horse Tarot might be a possibility- suggestions welcome!) or if it will have borders or not, I'll need to toy with the design once the paintings are done.

As an incentive to support the creation of the deck, no images of the full finished paintings will be shown online, unless you are a patron. (I'll share details of the paintings). My thought with the Patreon is to help support me while I create the deck as well as offset the initial costs of creating a deck, which can be substantial.

I am very excited about this project, for more here's the link to my Patreon-

Questions welcome :)


WoW! happy to hear such a beautiful deck in making!:)) luv your idea!^^ hope you include my fav minies as well!XD about the name you can call it *spirit of the cimarron or something!?XD hope it's not copyright name!?x,x lolz all best!^^ and looking forward to see it completed!^^ ;))


I really love your art, it has such a tenderness towards animals and a bit of humour too.


Nakisha, I love your Badgers Forest. Your watercolours are beautiful, gentle and clear. You have a great talent. I'm happy to hear you're inspired to make a new deck.


Thanks everyone!


Looks like a wonderful deck -- i love horses.


Lovely. The horses look alive, great face expression. Congrat.


Oh, I like what I see so far. Even if I can only see details. I am looking forward to seeing the full deck. Always loved your Rabbit and Badger Tarots. :D And I love the TaRat.. so clever <3