¤ ¤ ¤ Hot Seat ¤ ¤ ¤


This is a good way to stretch those Psychic muscles and Intuition etc.

And... I kind of need a distraction in between doing things although I may only play the "hostess".

Need sitters that are willing to post an "audio link" here or "direct link" to something like YOUTUBE with a 20 second audio recording of
your voice.

Also, this will be like a "circle" in which anyone can sit if they choose to, ONLY in return those that sit must in turn try reading for the others so that each person gets to be a part of the "hot seat" process.

Nothing "visual" like your face or home.

And talk about something like the weather and not too personal a subject.

Nothing about you whatsoever!.

The point of this exercise is for others to tune into your voice and see what they pick up about you as a person, what could be happening now or in the future, family, work, your features, star sign, and the list is unlimited.

A lot may come through or just one or two things.

If anyone is interested do sign up, but remember an audio link is needed as well as honest feedback and in a timely manner.

If not enough interest will try this another time.

Let's see where the wind blows...

Ps One person at a time and not in any particular order.


Sign Ups: Start Date TBA.

Depends on numbers interested as to when it will start or not.

Onion Budgie

[edit] Changed mind, sorry. Hope you get more interest from others. :)


On the shelf for now...:)