Hour Glass


Received an hour glass, curious has anyone heard if their is any divination involved with an hour glass? Im very receptive and feel like there might be some sort of divinatory uses for one but have not done any research as of yet, just throwing it out their!


I think you can turn anything into divination. They use to use animal fecal and even animal intestines for divination.

If you feel drawn to using this hour glass as a divination system... follow your intuition and see if you can get anything from it.

If you are drawn to using this hour glass.. maybe there is some spiritual energy/spirit attached if it's an old hour glass.


I do agree with CosmicBeing's post above, Chosenpath. you can divine with anything! You can figure out a way to use it for divination.

I never thought to use my hourglass specifically for divination. I've only used it to help me keep track of the time when reading for a customer in the store. I had one that was 30 minutes.

I would be interested if you find a site that explains how to use it for a specific divination. The only thing I can think of is to turn it over and while watching the sand fall through, keep track of anything that comes to mind.


I love this idea! Please let us know how it goes for you!

I've always wanted to own a large antique hourglass...it started as a very young girl while watching The Wizard of Oz. I was always yelling at Dorothy to just turn over the hourglass so she wouldn't run out of time. lol