How about an Archeon study group?


This is a fabulous, BRAND NEW deck which I just got from eBay - pretty sure that there would be more interest in this deck than just mine! :D


sounds like a good idea to me...


I would be very, very happy to get in on this too... I have to wait until my laptop's in from the shop though (about a week now), but after that, I'll be happy to help where I can. :) (...puts this thread on watched list....)



archeon said:
sounds like a good idea to me...

Would you help out a little since you created the deck?



Once again, I PMed you about this, too. So you can ignore it.


I think I would join you

I just got this deck from the artist himself, at the Baltimore Comicon :) He is a really cool guy in person! The deck is awesome, and I would love to join the study group, if I can just find the time...



Doh! Why I haven't thought of it! It deserve a study group! Definitively, count me in!


I was thinking that maybe it might be interesting to make out a worksheet to accompany each card, and as the intro post in each card's thread (if we do separate threads) the standard info could be a part of it - elemental correspondences, numerological associations, etc - and then have spots on the worksheet for all the "what do you..." things.

Does this make sense? 8th day uncaffeinated and it's taking its toll. :D