How about an Archeon study group?


Did somebody say study group?


I think it's really cool that you guys are doing an Archeon Study group. I have just getten my cards a few days ago after waiting four weeks for them and I am soo pleased.

I would be really interested in joining an Archeon Tarot Study group. I am really new to tarot and am excited to learn as much as i can about the art and my deck in particular.



Can I propose a Starting Point?

I hope I'm not being to brash, but I'd love to start with the 10 of Wands. I find it to be one of the most evocative and engaging images in the entire deck!

Lantz executed the 10/W beautifully: the ten spears--IMO--represent determination, a hard struggle, bravery, and boldness despite all adversity and hardship. The mounted skulls signify victory and success--but at great winning or succeeding really worth the losses?

Even though Lantz has created a very somber and depressed-looking image, I truly feel that it evokes the right ideas, mental images, and emotions that the 10/W's embodies (just in a dramatic way).

Thanks, FS


Count me in. I have just got this deck and it is amazing.


Can I get a hand?

I'm picking up my Archeon Tarot today, and I'm very glad that you guys aren't too far into the study so I'll be able to catch up. Since this is my first study group, would it be possible for someone to PM me and let me know how it works? Is it appropriate for me to add my comments and interpretations on the cards to an existing thread? It doesn't seem like too many people are doing that yet. I'd really appreciate some guidance on this kind of stuff.


I would like to join this discussion as well? Is anyone still intereested in it? Do I just start a new thread?


Revieve The Study Group!!

I think i might have finally found "The Deck".. I really love the artwork and the overall feel of the cards and the changes he's made, but i believe a lot of people are thrown of by this deck just because there is so much unexplained symbology.. I've heard that Timothy is going to make a book on the deck but it looks like it is still being conceptualised so this could take some time.. I really want to dig deep into this deck.. I see that the chosen few that have really fallen for this deck have started the study goup.. but not enough people have been giving their input.. I've been looking around and a lot of you are actually using Archeon as your main deck and for some it's their only deck.. I'm sure a lot of you have come up with your own symbology and have seen a lot of things that most of us haven't.. Some people have even found ways to look at the cards in a way and actually see RWS meaning but illustrated in different ways. I'm sure a lot of people would really be happy if you could all help us understand this wonderful deck... Please give any input you can..


Hi Enidan,

The best way to revive a study group is to start posting in it yourself.

The cards studied so far can be found here:

Please feel free to add your comments to any of those threads or if you want to chat about a card not yet covered, start a thread.

Please remember to let Moonbow* or myself know (by PM) if you begin a new thread and we will add it to the index for you.

Sulis - co-moderator - Tarot Study Groups


Does anyone have a clue if there are going to be a book to this deck?

6 Haunted Days

Just got this deck yesterday, it certainly has an intense energy! The dark, rich colours and very interestng "overlay" makes for images where you see different things each time.

I really love and get much emotion and meaning from many cards. 10 of Pents has such an atmosphere, wow. The Hermit is quite mysterious. I am loving most the swords! Ace of Swords is breathtaking and strong, The Queen is stunning! Reminiscent of Elizabethian characters ;). One of my favourite queens already.

Well shoot lookng at all the cards, there just too many that are gorgeous. I will post later on all my favourites when I have more time. This is most certainly a Autumnal/Wintery deck, I got it just in time!

Queen of Disks

Oh, why not...

I haven't used this one much lately, so this would be good for me so I can get to know it better.