how about you?


just putting my head around the door to say "hi" :D

i have had the Faeries Oracle since christmas, but it has taken me a while to get here with it. From the beginning, i had amazing readings with it and hearing them laughing always helps! I did all the excercises in the book, and the only one that I had any trouble with was the dancing... basically because I am very self concious when dancing, and even with only the faeries to watch I couldnt do it. But I am trying!

My first experience of Frouds work was The Dark Crystal, which wa one of the first films I remember seeing. Then Labyrinth when I was 10, which is still my favourite film. For a long time I was completely obsessed... the goblins, Jareth, labyrinth, Hoggle, Ludo, Diddymus, the Ballroom, the music... i could go on for days! :p

Then I found the books. Runes of Elfland, Good Faeries/ Bad Faeries, Lady Cottington and.... The Faeries Oracle.

So, that is how I came to be here. Hello to you all.
How about you?



How I came to be here with the fey..
Well, mostly all down to my friend Chrissie who showed me the Faeries as entities to love and adore, to bring help and laughter. In my early pagan days I saw faeries as 'fluffy bunny' and so something to hide away from as the grown ups will only use it against you for being too young for serious interest in Wicca and Paganism (when i was 14/5).
But here I am, having found a wonderful and cheap set in Glastonbury starting to be surrounded by the faeries and their mirth and light. They stroke my hair and make my earrings jingle. And i've only been working with the Fey for a couple of weeks. There was a slight apprehension, but it flew away when I started to meet these fasinating folk. Its weird because its just a deck, but I can feel the energies of the fey when I'm washing up, or singing in the car (hanging from the mirror obviously). It seems a little nutty at first, but it makes perfect sense and feels good so you let it slide.

I've seen labyrinth, but thats mostly coz i'm a David Bowie nut, I watch it now though and see it in a completely different light.

I am falling in love with this oracle, and I'm not all that keen on oracles as such - die hard tarotoholic lol

Great thread Lady!