How Active is the Gothic Tarot Forum?


Well i was wondering how active this forum actually is, Ive seen a total of about 5 ppl on it. Jst seeing whos all out there



Well, there's me. I started the Study Group, I was very excited to study this beautiful deck, still am, and Umbrae and I kept coming with many cards in a day. What a rythm! I think once we did six or seven cards in a day. The others finally showed up: Dark Angel, Alissa, WolfSpirit... and you. Now, that we have almost finished the deck, I fear there will be nothing left to talk about.

This group helped me with tarot in general, because for each card, I studied all my notes on the card in question. I know many started with the art on the card to come up with a meaning, but I did the opposite: I studied the card's meanings carefully and wondered how Vargo transposed the meanings on the card. So far, it has worked for me.


This deck is on my wishlist. I hope the study group is still active once I finally get it.


ol_crazy_Legs said:
Well i was wondering how active this forum actually is, Ive seen a total of about 5 ppl on it.

You know, at this time there is not a horde, hammering at the doors.

But those of us here, dressed as we are, know that quality does not always come with quantity.

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Well... I Was also wondering how many of you have AOL Instant Mesanger. I would like to put you guys on my list. That way we could chat back and forth to each other. Also with this in thought perhapes we could hold Chat sessions and such specificly over this deck. What do you think?

My AOL Instant Mesanger Handle is TheDarkWhisperer

Feel free to Instant Message me at any time. I Would love to here from you Guys :)


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I voted for The Gothic Tarot for the 10 most popular deck. I was very sad when I noticed The Gothic didn't make it. I think it is Mari who comforted me by saying that it was a recent deck and that there was not much publicity about it. I thought about it and she was right, at Halloween, The Gothic had one year old. This deck is one year old. It's a independant edition, which means it's not available in any bookstores, you have to know the deck exists and hunt it down to get one. And how do you get to know that the deck exists? We can't expect lots of fans and devotees coming here and discussing about it. But, and there's a but... by discussing about the deck here, many others have read the threads and got interested in this deck and put it on their wishlist. contrascarpe96 is one of them, Firemaiden as well.

I used to have AOL but ended up not liking it at all: I had decided that I was going to try ICQ an AOL and keep the one I would like the most. ICQ, surprisingly (because I used to have it years ago and it was terrible), won easily. But nowadays, if you have the latest version of AOL and ICQ, you can communicate between AOL and ICQ. So, I'm perfectly happy now with my ICQ, because I keep ICQ and I can chat with AOL. Isn't that nice? I've never tried it though. You can get my ICQ number in my Profile.


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I waited and read a lot of threads in the study group before i bought the deck and started contributing. Even now I have a lot of cards I have yet to reply on, but still intend to. Unfortunately, I don't always have time to study, after doing all the reading I do daily.

And, this is a new deck. I think as more people are exposed to it, they will likely contribute and keep the forum active indeed.


This brings up a question. I usually like to "happen upon" a deck in my travels. That is not occuring with this deck. Anyone know where I can pick this one up online? I know Tarot Garden carries it, but I usually like to avoid PayPal and just purchase direct with a credit card.



Although I have not actively participated in this Forum, i have the deck and I've read all of the threads. These people have really given me some insights into this great deck that I would not have gotten on my own. So, Wolfy, thanks for starting this thread. And thanks to everyone else that has participated.