How can I improve this psychic-ness?


:) Daniel, that is really cool. I guess meditation doesn't work for everyone, or perhaps it depends on the 'type' of meditation you do. Your line,
relaxing and shutting off the outside world I think does help!
I would say this is meditation. So glad you found what worked for you.

This is also a great point you made-
I think I never had experiences before because my eyes were closed to what was going on around me and I ignored it! now I have at least one coincidence a week
. So many people feel they never have 'psychic' experiences, when it actually probably IS happening to them on a daily basis. But one must be opened to what is going on around them - or it will not stand out and be noticed.

I also believe that any type of divination skill one does can and will eventually lead to developing your abilities more. It may be very subtle, but it will happen. So, if meditation doesn't work for you, then just keep working on reading the cards or whatever type of divination it is you are taking part of. One day, you'll have the realization that your abilities have developed stronger--which again, Daniel also mentioned in his opening line. :D


I should clarify about meditation :) although your advice is always wonderful in this area CN and been so helpful to me! :heart:

I tried to meditate or go into a trance or whatever to perhaps help my psychic connection or talk to my spirit guides. That didn't work out for me at all! So trying to force it didn't work. But learning meditation and quiet time just to close off the outside world did help. This is like if you scry in a crystal ball. If you try to force something and stare with your eyes open in a dim light, you just get tired eyes and nothing. But you have to relax and be open and see what comes in the crystal ball.

I see my psychic connection like that! you can't force it. But I think using tarot and divination opened my mind somehow to more things around. When I meditate now I just do it for me, not for any type of connection but sometimes it happens. I am just open all the time to anything now, it's really changed my life.

I think it's totally true CN that we are closed off to things. I get something that makes me smile every week! for example last weekend I was in a shop and had to remember the price of one of the items as they don't give you receipts and I needed the money for that item back from a relative. I thought just remember the price of the item and the total and you can work it all out later. The price that I had to remember was exactly £3.33 for steak. This made me laugh, reoccurring numbers and a big angel number :) I wouldn't have noticed that before.


:laugh: I love your shopping story, Daniel! And, a master number at that! :D


And What means 3,33? Where can I find a usefully list of recurrent numbers and its meaning? I found some in internet but I dont know if they are right or no.


Depends what system you want to use.

According to Hermetic Kabbalah (once very popular in Spain)

You find the value of words, say one with a value of 333, then look at other words with a value of 333 and sort of, join them all together to make a 'picture' of the number by comparison.

Eg (from 777)

Qabalah of the Nine AYQ BKR
Choronzon. [Vide Dr. Dee, ChVRVNZVN
& Lib. 418, 10th Aire]
Snow ShLG

I think the main significance is 3 is a basic 'prime' number (many things come in division of this ; the things itself (as originator of , or, result of) two things in polarity;

Human; Man : Woman ( or man : woman : child ), Tao; yin : yang, sulphur : salt : mercury (in alchemy) red: blue : yellow (primary colors) , the three main 'drives' in psychology, the way the human eye works, etc.

so three threes ... also 9 ... the 3 'ideal' principles 'viewed' in the three modes. ... a 'squaring' of the basic principles of 'trinity' by itself ... that could make it considered a 'master number' ..... whyever the steak cost $3.33 exactly ...

Unless it is a joke :)

Patron: "Hey waiter! What's with this 3 cents added for the price of the steak ?"

Waiter" "Well, someone has to pay the farmer."

(You might need to be a farmer to get that joke . )


If you really want to improve your psychic-ness, you could consider the benefits of the third eye. Be warned though that it may take a while. I had a look through bits and pieces on the web - there's a lot of rubbish out there - but I found a you tube that probably gives as good an approach as anything. You don't have to go into New-Age-styled chakra workings, but in keeping with your interest in the "mechanisms" it relates to the pineal gland.

Be ready to practice every day for at least a month though. It's one of these things that if you miss practice in early days you lose more than you gain. Then once you've got it, you've got it!


I opened my third eye before youtube came into being but this suggests a way forward.