How Did You Find the Faeries Oracle Deck?


.....and now they won't return your calls hehe!

no way, I am sure you are especially precious to the faeries having been there from the start! not like us glory supporters, catching on late!

do you have any really old froud books then? from the 70s or something?*drools*

diane drizzy

Yeah greenbeans-hard to believe the faeries and I go back that far.
I think it may have all started when I got a copy of The Blue Fairy Book as a kid, by Andrew Lang.
I guess they had me pegged out from the start!

majah kahlana

How I came by the Faeries

I was talking to a friend from here actually... all of us who know and love her call her "The Enabler" and she suggested I check out the Froud's which I did and even went to the website and had a free reading done... Needless to say i was hooked.. I have always loved faeries and elves and such and wished I could visit their world for a few years =D Looks like i get to now.
Anyway, I got my first deck from a sale on AT and I have another deck coming as well that I am giving to my youngest daughter as she looked thru my deck and just loves the faeries too. and since she hasnt found a Tarot deck yet that she likes this may be just the thing for her. She seems more drawn to the oracles anyway.
But in a nutshell, thats how i came by my deck.


how I got my fae...

Well, my sister, Alissa, signed me up for an account here, as a mother's day gift one year. I hung out a lot around the tarot forum stuff, and posted a lot. My sister said I should check this deck out, the "Faerie Oracle Deck" by Brian Froud. So I did a search here on aeclectic to view a sample of the deck, and really liked it. It was "himself" that really drew me in, as if he was looking at me and was seducing me. I thought about it for a few days, and the feelings just grew and grew and grew. Finally I decided I just had to have it, but I didn't have the money just yet. I had to wait until my husband got paid. Well that next pay check, it was all going out to rent and bills, and so I couldn't buy it just yet. I waited for the next pay check, and finally I was able to go down and get it. I called and they didn't have any copies. I called all the book stores in town, and none of them had copies. I asked barnes and noble if they could order a copy for me, and call me when it was in. They said they could. I set aside the money until it came in, but they never called me. I kept really wanting the deck. One day, I was out with a friend, and we so happend to be going to a book store. I stopped at the tarot section and looked for curiousity sake. Not only did they have a copy, they had like 5 copies. I guess the person on the phone didn't want to go LOOK on the shelf. I didn't want to waste the gas going back and forth not knowing if they had it or not. Anyways, I bought the deck, and started playing with it as soon as we left the store. I was doing readings with it that night, on myself and my friend. I started reading through the beginning and did the excercises. I had already known about this place, and was following threads while anticipating my own deck. You better believe I was posting the next day about what all I had experienced thus far with this deck. I still love it, and it's my favorite out of all my decks. But I don't have very many other decks anymore, as my kids got to many of them, and destroyed most of them. In fact, I'm on my third deck with the Froud deck alone. My first deck bit it when someone poured their beer all over my purse at a party. My second deck bit it when my son, my youngest child, played with it, and decided to fill the sink up with water, and dip them into the water, and stick them to the walls, to the ground and various other places. So I'm on my third deck now. So far these guys have lasted.



I hope its not against any rules to revive such an old thread, but I joined AT for this deck alone and I really want to share my experiences.
I have had this deck for several years, enjoying a warm, somewhat subdued relationship. The readings were very connected and appropriate, and sometimes they did pull small pranks on me.
I had misplaced the deck for about a year. I found them last week, after I had thought for sure I would never see them again. I had even ordered, without thinking, on amazon. I thought I would get the whole set, and the price was 25 cents, plus shipping. I jumped. I realised later that it was probably only the book, but it was ok, I was determined to find my deck. I asked the fae to return to me and I found the deck that same day. When the amazon package arrived, I was very suprized to see the complete set, brand spanking new, cards and all. So, now I have a back up deck, or when mine are too worn out to use any more.

Most of the posts in this Oracle are very old, is it wrong for me to post in them?