How do you get closer to your spiritual guides?


Personally, I just listen to them. They are like little visions that come to me sort of like a thought, but I don't have control over them. Yet, I don't really know other ways to get closer to them.

What are some things you do to form a better bond?

Starri Knytes

You bond with guides just like you bond with anyone else sweetie. You talk to them, appreciate them and show gratitude for them often, if not daily, whether or not you've asking assistance.

No one likes that person who's only around when they need something, right.

Guides enjoy scents, food and drink offerings and shiny things. It's nice to have a special place dedicated to them. Like an alter, it doesn't have to be big or elaborate. I have a beaded tea light candle holder with scented candles for each of my guides on my desk. 馃挏

Good luck on your journey sweetie!


i believe i have one spirit guide with me all the time. i have an altar dedicated to them with a candle carved to look like a man (i believe my spirit has masculine energy), flowers dedicated to my spirit, offerings of coins and food and candy. crystals because crystals give off energy that spirits can use to help you carry out spells and protect you, etc. when u first wake up, maybe do a ritual where u light a candle and give thanks to your guide and just have a chat and blow out the candle when you're done, prepare a cup of tea or breakfast for yourself and then another for your guide and leave it at their altar, play pleasant music at their altar, etc. I believe spirits can reside inside objects, so you can get a doll at their altar and they can have a place to reside at their altar inside the doll and have a place to chill while you do spells or while u speak to them.


Exactly as Starri Knytes and theempress13 mentions. theempress13, your post was beautiful, really. :)

There are many similar threads here on A.T. regarding talking to our guides. But, I think the main thing I would say is to talk to them like they are your best friend. Share with them. They know what is going on in your life anyway--but feel free to share the good and the bad with them. When you are angry or sad, its just as important to talk to them then as it is when you've had a great surprise and a super wonderful day! They ARE your best friends. So, treat them like you would any other best friend in your life. :)

When things go well, thank them for their support, (because whether you know it or not, they may have had a hand in that coming your way!) and when things are at their worst in your life, ask them for guidance and help.

Like Starry also mentioned, have an altar for them. It doesn't have to be elaborate. I have a few throughout our homes. Some only has a candle there, others have a crystal and some holy cards of saints that I feel watch over me. Another is where my statue of the Blessed Mother stands and a few rosaries, and I talk to her often and pray to her for guidance. It can be however you wish.

I think the best way though, is to spend time with them. Make time to be with them--a special time with just them. You can do this through meditation and even if they don't *appear* to you in the meditation--they are still there for you. They are always there for you.