How do you interpret...?


King of Wands, ten of cups, Ace of Wands, The Moon, The Templance, The Devil and the Page of Cups? Would this man be thinking of asking somebody out? Thank you.


O.K. WHAT spread was used and WHAT cards were is which location? What was the question asked? {We read cards here, not minds - that's a different forum!}


I knew you were going to say that.


They follow that order.It is a row of seven cards. A spread of 21 cards (gipsy spread).This row would represent the past-present circumstances of a situation in which a woman asks if a man is interested in her and if there will be something in between them.The next row would be present-present and the third one present-future.

Major Tom

Quote:Samsara2001 (11 Sep, 2001 07:47):
King of Wands, ten of cups, Ace of Wands, The Moon, The Templance, The Devil and the Page of Cups? Would this man be thinking of asking somebody out? Thank you.

I think you know what this means and you're being just a wee bit naughty }> :D

:D :D :D


I am serious. I just started reading cards and I have a lot to learn.I would say he would not dislike the idea of having something with this woman. Would you please let us know what you think about it? By the way, I am spanish consequently I do not understand this slang. Does wee has a meaning?



First the slang for "wee" means a tiny or small bit naughty. ;)

Now this may be taking the spread out of context since we don't have it all in front of us...

I would say the King of Wands represents the man this woman is interested in. He's charming, energetic and fun. The 10 of Cups might suggest that the woman would hope he would be a good prospect for a happy marriage. The Ace of Wands signifies the beginning of this relationship will be very passionate and fiery.

The Moon however says to watch our for this guy. He's not all he seems. The Temperance card says to search for balance. Don't get too involved without knowing how to get back out of it again. The Devil suggests sexuality, and also dominance. Perhaps this man is very manipulative?

The Page of Cups to me says that he's probably not interested in more than a casual and fun relationship. Certainly nothing serious and long term. But the reason Major Tom said it was naughty is because it will surely be FUN while it lasts. :]

Let me know if you agree.
Rhiannon :)


Rhiannon: A masterful interpretation!
I would add that the presence of 3 Majors indicate some important issues or concerns within the context of the relationship possibilities.
The Moon: Here it seems indicative of hidden agendas &/or deception (this person may be otherwise attached, not sincere, etc). Appeals emotionally or knows what buttons to push.
Temperance: A caution about extremes--like too much too soon, going overboard. Also a lack of stability or balance--as being swept away, perhaps due to lack of perspective or knowledge.
The Devil: The physical attraction, possibly of the "bad boy" ilk. Having fun is fine if one knows that is all it is & is prepared to handle possible consequences of such an association.
Page-Cups: Playing--as in a temporary & casual dalliance. There is some immaturity, self-gratification; however, as consenting adults you are free to act accordingly.


Thank you very much for your help. My tarot cards and I do not understand each other that well, yet. Hopefully I will understand them as well as you do now.

Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda.Mis cartas de tarot y yo no nos entendemos tan bien aun. Espero poder entenderlas en el futuro como vosotros lo haceis ahora.

Major Tom

I called you naughty because this spread shows an obviously passionate and fun relationship. If you can cope with the challenge that that is all it is likely to be then go for it }>

But then if you don't like the answers you can always change them }> Ever hear of spell work? }> :D