How do you read contradictory cards?


Every so often, I encounter cards which seem to contradict those which I have previously drawn. Depending upon their location and context, I'll usually read the card as either weakening the energy of the characteristic, or I'll assume its a fluctuating energy level. Kind of a roller coaster effect.

How do you read contradictory cards?



I find that contradictory cards often indicate an area of tension, a case of a vs b. It can indicate the need for a resolution between the two, and this would be further indicated if you had a card like Temperance suggesting the need for combination, or any other cards suggesting control/combination of opposites, such as the Chariot, Lovers etc.

I once had a a reading that emphasised very strongly a conflict between isolation & the group, and nearly every card had a contradictory pair with it!

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Quote:divinerguy (16 Feb, 2002 00:00):
How do you read contradictory cards?

As representing a contradiction. Life is full of 'em, after all.


On the basis that each card contains a positive and a negative aspect I find I can usually work them together. I guess for me it depends on the overall spread.

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If I'm doing a reading for someone and this problem occurs it's usually when they are in an extreme state of emotional torment. The cards reflect their confusion/emotions. It can also happen when the client has a hidden motive which is not appropriate for the Tarot . On a personal level , if I get a cotradictory spread I check what my motive is, meaning, do I know what I'm asking, am I being clear.


Agree with all of the above!
The contradiction can be an expression of turmoil or confusion; waffling; indecision. It sometimes indicates another agenda that is working at cross-purposes to the matter at hand; or what is "hidden" from view. A backseat driver mentality, second-guessing or critical of whatever is presented.
Like LouiQ, how I approach an apparent contradiction depends on the rest of the throw. It can be read as a compromise; a blending of both; or a totally new equation.
Have also seen such to indicate the querent not being honest or avoiding the whatever; in denial.