How do YOU read your cards.


Smalloli- there are two books - one about the paths (The Witches Tarot) and one about the spheres (The Witches Qabala), published by different publishers.

What is a pagan? You will do better to look up pagan sites than try to discuss it here! As soon as one person states what they believe they are, someone refutes it. Paganism is an umbrella term; Witchcraft is a group of religions; Wicca is a witchcraft subgroup. If you go to AOL under 'religion' you can find pagan bulletin boards where people post venemous postings about what is a pagan/Wiccan/witch and argue about who is and isn't.

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i just wanted to amend my post to this thread. i do read a lot of tarot books. mostly on perceptions, things to do with the cards and whatnot...

but as far as interpretations go, i really try and rely on what i think as opposed to the billions of books out there. i hate memorizing things, and it's so much more personal when you spend the time to think about the meanings of the imagery themselves and how they relate to the spread.

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Quote:tarotbear (16 Aug, 2001 00:27):

What is a pagan? If you go to AOL under 'religion' you can find pagan bulletin boards where people post venemous postings about what is a pagan/Wiccan/witch and argue about who is and isn't.

Good Luck!

Sorry, I thought that bore repeating. A little less abrasive board to start on would be Beliefnet. AOL boards are seriously rough, even for the long time regs. Things get twisted really easy. Don't get me wrong, if you have a particular interest there are great minds to pick on there, you just have to be careful.



AEON- ROFLMAO! Those boards are how XCOTYS & I met-- diametrically opposed to each other! As you can tell, things have cooled down some since then. :-D

Major Tom

Every journey on the path of tarot is defined by the traveller. Here's a brief history of my journey so far:

My first tarot book was The Magick of Tarot by Denning & Phillips. The book provided short chapters on each of the major arcana (& only the briefest of descriptions of the minor) and encouraged the student to start reading with just the 22 cards. I did this and found within the space of a couple of weeks that I could read those 22 cards with astonishing accuracy. Three months into it and I was reading for people in public for $5 each! (Boy was that a learning experience back in 1983) ;D Nonetheless I still read for other people only using the major arcana - there's just so many other things to do with the cards! I've only recently found I want to learn the minor arcana. So I'm really only a beginner }>

For tarot use as a personal oracle I've been using a book previously recommended by Tarotbear: Tarot in Ten Minutes by R.T.Kaser. All you have to do is consult the book! :D


Rather than go to "the book." I've started writing my own book, sort of like a Wiccan's Book of Shadows. Its in my own writing, and contains the meanings and correspondences of the deck author. However, I also write down my own feelings as well. When I refer to it, it has become my own body of knowledge. Writing it down also helps me memorize some of the more important details of the cards.


how i learned to read the cards...
1. experiencing life; experience the cards

2. read and view a wide variety of things

3. journaling

4. practice, practice, practice and then practice some more!

5. learn to trust yourself more than what a book tells you.

6.i'm a student for life--always in school to learn something. but nothing in a book has ever taught me as much as actual hands on experience and the school of hard knocks.

7. fake it til you make it!

8. looking at my life metaphorically and trying to see where i'm at in terms of what major arcana, suit or minor arcana card. it's fun to write about those perceptions.

9. communicate w/ the cards via art and your own inner imagery. i've drawn pictures from memory of what i think a card should look like. i'll never forget the time i created a set for the high priestess, dressed up like her and had a friend take pictures of me. that really honed meanings and personal relations w/ the HP to me. i'm thinking it might be interesting to try temperence next because i want to understand balance and moderation in all things better. don't have to be an artist or a writer to experience the tarot in creative ways. make up stories or poetry about cards you feel particularly drawn to. take pictures, do collages, draw, etc.

11. most of all learn to trust your intuition/your gut feelings of what a card is really saying. all a book is is a collection of another person's tarot experiences. don't be afraid to look w/in and face yourself instead of leaning on external factors. it feels like being blind and feeling around in the dark at first but eventually your other senses and intuition will kick in to guide you. you won't have an external guidepost but those inner ones are even better.


For me, I was finally able to read intuitively when I finally learned to fully trust the Universe and that the Universe UNCONDITIONALLY loved me - and was incomplete without me. Now I have no problems reading. Yeahhhhhhh - no more need to rush to the books every 5 seconds. No more palpitations of the heart and sweaty palms and second guesses whenever I read for another. Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!


I don't remember too much of the meanings of each card.

I'm still learning and what I did was make a a few cheat sheets that I keep with my cards. I only use them when I am absolutely stuck. 3 sheets are from 1 is my own - it's my journal of sorts..things I have learned about different suites, cards and majors.

It might be better to make your own-typing it helped me remember it.