How much would you pay for a Tarot teacher or course?


I was wondering how much would you pay for a Tarot teacher? You see sometimes prices equal to two Tarot books, for just 1 lesson. Some courses exist of 10 lessons. And I have even found a course from 2 years, for about 2.500 Euro / 2.800 USD. I was just wondering is het better to have several Tarot books, or just 1 teacher? In my opinion you learn more from several sources (Tarot books) than just 1 teacher. What do you think? And how much would you pay for a teacher?

I go for mundane advice first:

Is he famous? Somebody with good feedback and reputation? Was he somebody who ran away with money after you pay him or her? You have any idea how he teaches and the personality of the tutor?

I advice against investing SO much money for a 2 year course especially if the tution fees have to be paid as a one-off. Chances are, that you paid, your tutor ran with it, and you never get it back. If you have to get someone teaching, unless the yearly due is not much, you better have caution. Better be safe than sorry.


I am considering enrolling in Tarot Readers Academy Summer School. Individual online classes cost $28, with a deal off the price if you purchase the fifteen
course bundle option. I'd pay for these because I like the ethos of the teachers I've heard of (Benebell Wen, Carrie Mallon, to name a couple) and I'll have access to the lessons for life.

There is a local Tarot class which costs $50. I decided to pass on it, simply because I have no idea who the teacher is.


Is he famous?
That is not something that I would care about. Much of the best stuff I have learned has come from the "non-famous". The classic example here - is Thirteen "famous" ? You can't do much better than learn from Thirteen...


I have always believed that the best intro to Tarot is: Tarot cards, you. You, tarot cards. Now, you two go off and play.

A course can teach you basic meaning of each card. Maybe it can teach you some basic spreads. But it is like learning to PAINT: you can teach technique but after that, they must apply their own creativity to the work.

$2800 USD for a class is ridiculous. Even if it teaches you (and GUARANTEES) that you will become an instant pro, you will not break even from a course like that for years.



I would definitely pay $0


Everyone here is ready and willing to help, there are loads of websites online, YouTube videos, point is, there are plenty of FREE resources. Obviously you should read anything you can get your hands on, but the best way to learn is to read the cards.

If you really want to do a course, I wouldn't advise paying that much money, Cameila Elias is an impeccable teacher and her courses are around €100.

I have seen other prolific readers charging massive fees and I even seen a fan gaslighted for questioning the fee on Facebook, which sums it up for me.
In my opinion, anyone charging those fees, is taking the mick.


I wouldn't pay anything more than the fee here for a subscription membership. Aeclectic Tarot is the best, bar none, place to learn the cards and cultivate a relationship with like-minded people. I've been here for quite some time---I'm not sure how many years, but quite a few. (ETA: I went to check and I've been here about 13 years.) It's the first place I visit when I wake up in the morning and the last one before I go to sleep at night, 24/7, 365 days a year. You probably see me listed in the "who's here" all the time because I leave this page open even when I'm doing other things on the computer and my laptop is usually still connected when I go to sleep for the night. Even without the paid subscription, you can still get an invaluable Tarot education right here.

Anyway, you don't need a course that you pay anything more for than frequenting this forum. :) My own opinion is that you can't really learn anything but somebody else's way of doing things by doing a course. You're putting money in someone else's pocket that you could be spending on books (if you learn better with books) and decks. And for heaven's sake, don't buy into the idea you need a "certification". You don't need any such thing. :) Positive word of mouth is the only "certification" a Tarot reader needs.



It is the experience of multiple people here, that they've paid for courses, then learnt far more right here for free. :angel:


Taking a class made all the difference to me, even though I had been reading books for over 20 years. Having a teacher made all the difference. and brought me to the next level. The course lasted 9 months, and I paid a monthly fee, with the option to quit at anytime. Most books are good at giving card meanings, but most are also very poor at giving practical information a student can use.


In these times, you can have all the info you may conceivably need at the tips of your fingers. Aside from helpful and affordable books, there are so many online resources that you are spoilt for choice. It's not a question of if you're going to get sufficient knowledge to be a good reader, it's more of having the wherewithal to select from the embarrassment of riches that the internet offers. Besides these forums (which have been immensely helpful in my progress), there are a lot of amazingly informative and free tutorial websites and, especially, extensive videos that explore the cards in depth. These are presented by wise and passionate professionals, and they cover the breadth and wealth of their extensive knowledge and experiences. It's almost humbling that at the very least, all they would ask you is to subscribe, like, and maybe even share their videos

So yup, I currently have access to all the books, videos, and resources I may require, and so right now I don't see the need for an actual teacher or course. Really there's still so much material I would like to go through. But of course I'm not closing my doors to them. In the future, I may meet a Tarot expert whose knowledge and wisdom I truly respect and crave, and if he/she offers his/her tutelage at an attractive price, and if I think that whatever I may glean from it would be very much worth it, I would join it.