How often should you read........?


An acquaintance gave me a wonderful idea that he uses to keep himself from obsessing about something: When he asks a question, he cannot ask about 'that' question again for a day duration equivalent to the number of the card. He kept asking about the attentions of a certain male and got the World card, so now he cannot ask 'that' question again for 22 days. How simple! :-D


while i pull a card every day, and i may just be sitting there, shuffling a deck, pulling cards at random, i avoid doing more than one reading every week, at least for myself. during my "active tarot periods", like now, that can be hard, but i find i'll obsess about it if i don't hold back.
luv and light,



What a great idea! I did a very enlightening reading for myself last night regarding a relationship. The numerology of the reading indicated that it will take eight days, weeks, or months to bear fruit. My intuition tells me it will take eight months, but I will wait at least eight days before asking for an update. Thanks!


I do a couple of readings a day.. the trick is to keep it fresh and to not let people rely on the tarot (I do readings for other people.) So long as you understand that the cards simply reflect you.. and that your future is in your hands no matter what.. :)

Easy to use rules :) But I like Tarotbear's idea..that should keep me from obsessing on things myself :)