How Sabian Symbols Work


From Lynda Hills website...
I just needed to share this on her behalf after the horrid things that have happened in London... have a quick read and see how the interpretations of her article published BEFORE the attacks are predicted here... The Sabian symbols as an oracle AND used in astrology WORK....


Those of us who have running water, food on the table every night, a safe place to live and access to good medical treatment should really remember our blessings on this new Moon as more will come as a result.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the few days around this new Moon - I suspect there will be a lot of wrangling and hot heads, not to mention more demonstrations. This new Moon is square Mars which is conjunct the North Node, which means (in English!) emotions are bound to be running high, with anger, charged up events and explosions of one kind or another..

Interestingly, Mars is in Aries at this full Moon on a very intriguing degree: Aries 17: Two Prim Spinsters Sitting Together in Silence. This Symbol can and often does show people who have little to say to each other, perhaps they're keeping secrets from each other, maybe they already know all the secrets between them and little needs to be said. It could be that they no longer get on and have nothing to say. It could also be, with Mars on this Aries degree, that this shows people not being able to get a word in edgeways as each chats away, whether they are listening to each other is not clear. That's for you to decide. Perhaps people are slanging off, trying to make their point clear to the other without really listening to the other's input or response.

Two days after the new moon, on 9th July, the Sun moves to Cancer 18: A Hen Scratching For Her Chicks - will mothers and fathers in the more impoverished nations soon be able to provide nourishment for their family? I think not, not for a while at least as Mars squaring the Moon's nodes doesn't look very promising. Still, that Mars may awaken enough people and make it clear to the G-8 that the world won't put up with some people being enormously overweight (read fat) whilst some are incredibly malnourished and disadvantaged.

Here's hoping.

Let's count our blessings and be grateful for the wonderful people in our lives.


Mars and explosions

First, I wrote the bit about Mars at the bottom of my blog and talked about explosions, etc. Reading that piece again with the explosions in mind is rather interesting, I think, I even mention the word English with an exclamation mark. Life is strange.

Then, my son Joel (20 yrs old) was at Kings Cross Station in London 15 mins to 9, standing in line at the station to buy a ticket - he was going to catch a train from Kings Cross to Oxford to go out to see the White Horse of Uffington (a 3,500 year old hill figure which is my logo). He was to catch a train but at the last moment decided to take a bus. His bus ticket stub says 8.59am, he was right at the train station, and Kings Cross had the explosions at 8.56am.... he was directly overhead the explosions (which were happening in the underground). One of the newspapers online I read said that a train was still stuck in the tunnel at Kings Cross...

Wild day, it gets a lot wilder, though. The story goes on and on... I was instant messaging the friend in Oxford (an astrologer friend) who Joel was going to meet. We were IMing and she gets a phone call; there was a suspected bomb in her clothing store (she owns a chain of clothing stores in the UK and Europe) in London... so, she was really close to it in a way... the store was closed, everyone evacuated. What a day!!

I'd been writing and talking about Cancer 5: A Car Wrecked at a Railroad Crossing over the last few days. It kept appearing in my mind.

Life is weird and chaotic! I feel so sad for England, sad for everyone with this terrible event.

Mars is now on Aries 18: The Empty Hammock - it's hard to rest - in London there is chaos and so many people in hospitals. They were commandeering hotel beds to put the wounded in.

Greetings from DownUnder