How someone feels-


I figured that since this spread, that I have created and been using for about a year now, has been acurate and indepth I would share it.
Its purpose is to tell you how someone feels torwards ANYTHING. A person, situation and item; as specific and general as you prefer. It has helped me so many times, it is usually a spread that I use daily.
There are two versions. The first is just a simple analysis:


1. The most general emotions, i.e. surfacing emotions; How theyfeel at first glance and reaction

2. & 3. More indepth motions and read respectively (two influencing three), hidden and misunderstood emotions [ they might not quite understand], emotions too complex for words or to speak about, emotions evovling from 1.

4. What the person tells the world about how they feel which isnt always the truth and/or absent from the complete truth; What is shown about how they feel

5.What they truly feel but dont tell anyone; What they wish they could tell and if they do tell someone this is what they speak of, this is a rare occurence ( should be read in comparance with 4.)

6. Emotions that isnt realized; Not ignored but instead have not comprehensible to them at this point in time; What they need to acknowledge


The second spread is adding three cards and lays as follows:


1-6 are the same.

7. The blockage of emotions; What prevents them from their wishes (which is in conjunction with 8.)

8. Wishes in regards to their emotions; What they wish and hope for emotionally in regards to the question (i.e. If the question was, " How does Joe feel about me romantically" ; 8. 2Cups - wishing for a relationship)

9. (Sometimes we wish for things we know we wont get and when this occurs we over come our aspiration with expections and this is posisition nine.) Expections about the maturation of emotions, how they feel it will turn out

I hope that this comes in handy for some.
Greatest Blessings.


ohhhh, I so want to do this spread, I have created alot of spreads on this subject but never thought on concentrating solely on how they were feeling


just wanted to say that we did your spread and it worked really well, we liked it alot. flowed well and shed some light. i did however change a couple of the questions and thought i would share.
question 7 - the blockage of emotions, what prevents them from opening up/ releasing them
question 8 - emotionally how do they truly feel about me (compare with #2)
question 9 - how they feel things will turn out

i also just made it one spread instead of two. thought i would share this and express that i liked it.


I like the look of this spread :) and it's perfect for a reading I need to do for someone.

Thank you for sharing it :love:

Summer x


I do realize this is an older thread but I tried it out today and WOW! Let's just say, the clouds have cleared in a certain subject. Thank you clbzkl for sharing this spread.



I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to let you know that I tried this spread and it was quite enlightening. Thanks! Great stuff!


WOW, I just did this spread... and wow. Very very enlightening. Thank you!


Great spread, thank you


This was fantastic! The cards were revealing :)