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Im Fairly new to Tarot and Very Impaitent....I dont really read things through So would anyone be willing to help me out?

In simple terms?


"I'm Fairly new to Tarot and Very Impaitent....I dont really read things through So would anyone be willing to help me out? In simple terms?"


Well, I really think Diana's advice is the best you're going to get, but you're impatient and want it simple.

So, simple:

First, brew a cup of tarot tea. Anyone can tell you what goes in it, but I want to keep this simple. Wait while the tea leaves seep, spirits in the cup like fragments of dreams left over when you wake up.

Don't look at the surface of the tea with your eyes out of focus or you'll see images there. That's something else, I think.

Then take your tarot deck. You have one, right? Some people say their decks talk to them. They sit on the store shelf and holler, "Hey, buy me!"

Well, ignore that. It is just too sad. It reminds me of dog pounds. Noses pressed against cages, the dogs say, "Choose me!" "Oh, please take me, we'll have lotsa fun together." "Oh, yes, take me, and this time I'll be a real good dog, I promise." "Yes, yes, take me, or they're going to kill me and instead of being a fun loving puppy, I'll be just a lump of dead dog meat." "Please . . . My tail is wagging hard as I can . . ."

So, sip your tarot tea.

Then shuffle your tarot deck and choose just a few cards. Not too many, so this will be simple. Float the chosen cards out on the table like dreams floating in a pool of sleep.

Then look at the images on the cards. They have images, right? Gotta have something.

Listen in that corner of your mind that hears things like this. Listen to what the cards are saying to you. Listen to what the cards are saying to each other. Listen to the story being spun.

Sip your tarot tea. Take your time. The story is there for you. It may at first be a passing shadow, a fleeting glimpse like a quick image in a rearview mirror. Concentrate, so you don't miss it.

And, that's all there is to it. It is that simple. Really.




I've always been very much the impatient kind of person myself, and I have to tell you this at once: I think if there is anything that will give you a sense of patience, that might just be the Tarot learning! :)

I've always wanted to "get" everything on the first try, and preferably be the best at it from the very start too (silly, I know...!), and that's just not the way it works with Tarot, at least not in my opinion. On the other hand, I think what I love so much about the Tarot is that it's ALL about learning, actually! Learning, growing, travelling a life long journey...! Mmmmh...! :D

So I think your impatience might be in for a tough fight here...! :D I hope you'll enjoy it! Just ask away, that's what I do, and there are always nice people around to answer, discuss, help out in any way!

Love and light!
Jenny :)

Original Destiny

wow you have got some really good replies...all i can add is
1---take your time
2---start off simplistically
3---Assam tea, black without milk or sugar
4---keep on this forum .it is the best


You guys are great!!
I am also an impatient beginner tarot reader/enthusiast/freak! I have put to good use most of your advice here, and I wanna say thanks for setting me and others on the right path! I hope you all dont mind answering the million and one questions about tarot I will have in the future!

Now I am off to get me some tarot tea! yum

Love Erin


'Lo all,

What's going on here?

The journey of a single step begins after you've traveled a thousand miles. (I think I may have slightly discombobulated an ancient Chinese saying.)

Jenny is so right! Some of us have the patience of a second grader with a fanny rash sitting through his sister's oboe recital.

In my grumpy way, I was just trying to start an argument.

Truthsayer called me an old conservative, and I'm still stinging. But, I have to agree with Robert Heinlien. TANSTAAFL. Tanstaafl means, "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

I think you get out of something, like, say, relationships, what you put into it.

So, Tigerwings (Erin), welcome! Please, please, argue, disagree, voice your opinion, have fun. I've learned bunches here, and I'm always arguing. Watch:

Original Destiny says tarot tea is Assam black. Diana asks for a bit of milk. So:

Depends. Have some Lipton teabags (some may not consider teabags tea at all) for "Chai" tea. Ingredients: Assam black tea, cinnamon, allspice, ginger root, black pepper, cloves, cardamon. Give it a grind from your peppermill, add milk AND sweetner, and maybe, a tarot tea. Or, Assam black tea alone. Relish the flavor.

I may be talking to myself at this point, but I think I'll continue.



More, just me,

Life is so difficult if you can't read -- or don't read.

Once upon a time, the heavyweight boxing champion of the world was a man named Sonny Liston.

Esquire magazine did a cover story on Liston. There he was on the magazine cover, scowling out from a towel over his head, lookin' mean and as invincible as a granite mountain. His next fight was against some Olympic upstart named Cassius Clay.

The writer, a man of words, tried to elicit more from Liston than grunts. Liston, who had spent much of his adult life in prison, was a clever sparring partner. Question? Grunt.

Finally, Liston confided that he had never learned to read, and was totally illiterate. The wordless man confessed to the man of words.

And, he said something I'll always remember, pushed to a point by the clever word man where his fast fists couldn't help him:

"Do you know what it means not to be able to read?" he asked. "See that sign? I don't know if it says, 'Hey, free beer,' or if it says, 'Nigger, keep out.' "

Sorry, but there is a tarot thing here.