How to start reading for others?


I really want to start reading for others/strangers/just anyone beyond my circle of family and friends. I love the tarot and I want to share that love, know what I mean...but how? I'm underage, and I don't think my mom would appreciate my taking an ad out in the paper or anything like that, LOL, and I don't want to charge money or anything, I just want to read for other people. Ideas?



Well, you could do like Kiama did, and do readings for people here. In fact, I might do that myself.


Begin with friends and family. Then, ask for referrals.

Let the circle grow by doing quality readings, and asking for referrals.

Successful people make their own luck.


Go to

This is a great way for you to give readings for free..and anonymously if you like. You get ratings from the people you it's a good way to get confirmations on your readings. I found this is a great way to introduce yourself into the reading world. You get a lot of experience....good and bad! And both are equally as educational.


I don't usually get the chance to read for others, so when I offered on the boards, for practise, I was pleasantly surprised as to how much I enjoyed doing it, and how much I learned! I think most of my readings turned out very well too!

I am tempted to make it a regular thing, by taking on, say, 4-5 a month. That way, I can brush up before I go to University, so that I can possibly set up my own Tarot reading 'business' to earn a bit of cash. I'd prefer this than working in a horrible little caf? for a pitiful wage at all hours of the day! (I already do that, and I don't wanna carry on!) I also enjoy Tarot, so I would be earning money by doing something I love, which would be even better!

The best bit about reading for Aeclecticians is that they know what the Tarot is about, and will take the advice given. They are also very grateful for the reading, and I've received some wonderful feedback from members, which is highly reassuring. I've also had more requests for readings, which I consider to be a compliment!

Morgeinne and Phoenix, I know you'll enjoy it!