How to turn impossible to possible


Hi all, in my ongoing quest of positive self-exploration and practising coaching, I devised a spread to see how to turn "impossible" life goals possible. Here's the spread and a sample reading. If you try this and get stuck, post it to My Readings and give a shout out, I'm happy to offer my input!


Pull 1-3 cards for each question depending on your interpretation skills and reading preferences

1. What change or achievement I believe is not possible, when it actually is?
2. What can I do to make it happen?
3. What negative situation or trait in myself I believe is permanent, and it's not?
4. What to do to change it for better?
5. What change or achievement for now is out of my reach?
6. What can I do to achieve or change some of it?
7. What trait in me helps me achieve goals?
8. What trait in me hinders me from achieving goals?
9. What to focus on to be the best possible version of myself?

And a sample reading:

1) 7 PENTACLES. This card is often read to meant "waiting for results". My card shows a mother and a child ready to pick massive, plump apples, so I read it to say "accumulating wealth."

2) EMPEROR. The card of a structured, organised and assertive approach; stability and permanency. For me I read it: accumulate wealth with hard work, long-term approach and wise decisions.

3) 7 WANDS. The uphill battle I'm currently in with my PhD studies and work. I'm doing my best to tackle all challenges, yet it feels I'm not moving forward at all. But it's temporary.

4) 9 PENTACLES. The card of enjoying one's freedom, independence, wealth, experience, achievements. Maybe I should take more time for myself to enjoy life and freedom.

5) 8 WANDS. Fast-paced action and messages bearing good news. I'm waiting/hoping for good news from multiple fronts regarding, but clearly it won't happen fasts. Well, good to know.

6) 3 CUPS. Find like-minded people, join "my tribe", enjoy company of friends. My friends are helping me with a creative project and I'm also looking for an academia to join as a visiting scholar.

7) 4 WANDS. The card of home, completions, celebrations. I divide tasks into chunks that are easier to complete than the whole project, and I mark the mid-completions with celebration. It works!

8) LOVERS. I believe I should only focus on things / people I love in life. However, in life, some tasks are simply boring and not worth loving. I shouldn't skip or overlook those in my road to success, I can't only focus on what I love.

9) 5 WANDS. The card of conflicts, frustrations, competition. I don't think I should be more anxious or frustrated, but I need to put myself out there to compete. As I'm already quite competitive, this can also remind to keep this tendency in check and balance it with compromising where needed.


Love this! Can't wait to try it later


oooo this is a good spread and will be sure to put it in my journal, this is something that i need to look into since I am all about self improvement. thank you for this.


Thanks for this great spread! I modified it for this month's Newbies Circle!


The fact that I'm afraid to use this spread in a self-reading should indicate just how good it is (that is, very).

Thanks very much for making this.

If anyone wants to do an exchange using this spread, I'd be willing. Less daunting that way.


What an awesome spread!! I actually have tattooed on me something that means how with the power of something higher than ourselves all things are possible, we just have to believe it! The universe is really working in me and providing some great lessons right now and especially with the power of the new moon I think this is a beautiful time to do this!! The sample is also very helpful as well. Thanks again Can't wait to try and share. xo

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