How to use tarot to reconcile?


Hi all, given that one of the most common questions in tarot is "how can I get back in touch with x (an ex, a friend, a relative)", or "is x regretting what happened?", I devised this spread to help.

What went wrong and how to try to reconnect

1. The core of the matter?
2. How I feel about this matter?
3. How x feels about this matter?
4. How I feel about reconnecting?
5. How x feels about reconnecting?
6. If I contact x, what's the most likely response I get?
7. What's the most likely outcome if I approach x?
8. What's the most likely outcome, if I don't approach x?
9. The lesson of this matter to me?
10. The lesson of this matter to x?


Love this spread Saskia. As far as "the lesson of the matter", is that referring to what wisdom will be gained through my outreach or as a result of the relationship in general?


I did think of the lesson derived from the fall-out, not about the reconciliation. But I think everyone can tweak the spread to suit to them!