Hug of Love - Helping a Friend in Need


Hello everyone :)

I've just designed my first ever spread - although I wish it'd been under better circumstances. But still, this is for when a loved one is going through a difficult time and you want some clarity on how you can be of help to them.

I've tried to make it so that the cards representing your loved one are encircled in a 'hug' by the cards that represent you :)


1 (underneath card 2) ~ How your loved one feels at this time, internally

2 ~ Your loved one's outward appearance/behaviour at this time

3 ~ The quality within you that you should call upon at this time

4 and 5 ~ How you can help on a physical level

6 and 7 ~ How you can help on a spiritual level

Any pointers for ways of improving it would be most welcome - it might be a little bit too simple..not sure :)



Thank you SOOOO much for coming up with this spread!! I can definately use this! Off to grab pen and journal to copy this down. I'm going to try it out today!


I love this! Thank you! (And, it's stupid of me but I just find it so very clever how the internal and external behaviour mesh up! <3 )


small change in layout suggested

This is BRILLIANT and I love it and I will try it soon!

Only one small thing I intend to change, and that is the layout. I'd put number 3 below and cards 4-7 upwards, which puts me more into the place of the person giving the hug.

I really think this spread's a gem, thank you cosmic_bubble!


I'll write this down, thank you :)