I&#39m so excited!!


I got my first tarot deck almost a year ago. So I'm still a newbie, but have learned most of the "accepted" meanings for the cards. And I've been doing readings for myself and friends for quite a while.

But the other day while reading for a friend something just clicked!! The reading just flowed so easily. It was like something opened up in my mind. It was so kewl! (as taz says) I'm so excited (said jumping up and down) Just had to let you all know. :) :D :) :D :)

New River

faunaboy, i'm excited for you too! you have had a breakthrough that every reader wants.

you will always be a better reader from now on because your confidence will be higher.

jolly good!

love, light and hope, New River


Woo-hoo! Congrads, fb. What'a high! Go out and celebrate; you've just graduated from Apprentice to Journeyman! ;D


Huggggggsssssss and congrats to you!!!!! :D