I can't believe I waited so long


but I finally got it.
I have had it on the wishlist for at least a year, maybe more, but now I have it!
It arrived just today and I only looked through the cards once so far but oh my - so amazing!

Fave cards so far:
23 The Green Woman
40 Honesty
41 Ilbe the retriever

Least fave cards:
55 The soul shrinker - gives me the creeps!

I'll read the book now and then I will most likely post and read a lot here:)

diane drizzy

Hi Jema!

Aren't they the best? The Green Woman is my favorite card too. She makes me smile everytime I see her! They all will have so much to say to you. And seeing that you got them after a year, they were now meant to be.


jema! The Faeries caught you! :D

I hope you love these cards as much as I do... I find they speak volumes, intuitively. And I look forward to hearing your thoughts here more on the Fae Forum as you explore the deck.

Please revive threads you find interesting... I think it's great to see a familiar thread come back filled with fresh enthusiam and insight!


Welcome to the world of the Faeries Oracle!!!! Make sure and do the exercises at the front of the book prior to reading the card meanings, it will make a world of difference in how you relate to them.

As Alissa said please do reveive old threads. We have threads for the book exercises around here for you to add your perspectives. We hope you join us here!!!

May the Faeries bring you much joy!!!

Aura Wolf

Welcome Jema! I don't know what took you so long either :D

It's interesting how many people choose the Soul Shrinker as their least favourite. Gloominous Doom was mine--but the Soul Shrinker came close. Read the thread about him though--in my opinion he's one of the most interesting cards in there and I actually quite like him now that I understand him :D


but, but, but .... don't read the thread until you have done the exercises in the book *LOL*


Well, actually, the more i look at him the more he "grows" on me
and when I started doing the exercises I actually changed fave card - several times, but ended up with the Spirit Dancer instead.

I showed a small selection of the cards for my brother and just loved his reaction to them.
The first card - the green woman - made him giggle, the maiden he thought was the cutest thing ever (I actually have a relative that could be the model for that card) we both just adored the O! that gnome card but I think his fave was the Friends card.
I like to show him decks sometimes, he never been interested but agrees to see them if I show them to him.

I'll started with the shuffeling in piles and just generally look at the cards, picked two and will do the rest of the exercise this evening.

I must say I like that Froud used owls here and there:)


Oh yes, the owl in the Faerie Godmother card is just beautiful, isn't s/he?

Can you tell you're amongst people who love these cards, jema ;)? "Read the book, but only the beginning!", "Don't read threads until you do your exerecises, then come tell us!!!"

So much enthusiasm we Fae folks have, no?


ooOOOooo...a new faery caught human. Grins. Welcome to our little corner of the forum.