I have a final question about readings :)


I am hoping to get some insight about what is going on when this happens:

My best readings seem to occur when I feel like my spread was hijacked. For example, I could be doing a general daily reading for myself but end up with cards that clearly predict something very specific for a friend. It's truly the only time I feel psychic or that the cards are predicting rather than giving insight. Does this happen to anyone else? It rarely happens for and always when I least expect it.. And while I wish I knew how to get it to happen more often it really feels like the reading I was intending to do gets hijacked.


Well, I did a reading for myself asking about my health. But the cards gave me something that completely didn't make sense: 6 of cups. Then two days later, I got a phone call from an old friend from thirty years ago!


Yes, thats the kind of thing I'm talking about! Sometimes my deck seems to have its own ideas.


Hi love!

It means that there is a message for you. If the reading doesn't make sense with the question that you asked, then take it as a message. Read the message and make note of it. It could be about someone else, something else, or just random.

Then reshuffle and ask the original question again. Most times once you get the message that you need then you are able to then get the answer for the question that you originally asked.

If you still are not getting a clear answer than it may just be that it won't answer that specific question at this time.

You will also get lots of jumbled and different readings/answers if you ask the same questions over and over. So, if you have asked that question a lot then you may not get anything that makes sense as it has already been answered. You then wait and give the situation time to play out.

I hope that helps! :heart: