I have a question! Could someone please asnwer it?


I did a reading for a friend, using a celtic cross spread. She wouldn't tell me exactly what the question was, but she did tell me that it was about relationships. I just started reading for my friends and I think I did pretty good (sometimes it's hard for me to explain what I feel when I see the cards), but I couldn't come up with a meaning that felt right for the Resolution, which was a Knight of Pentacles Reversed. Does anyone have some suggestions? Thanks for your help!


Hi, I actually prefer not to know the question when reading for someone else. It means that my answer is based more on my intuition than what I think they want to hear- works for me!
As for the outcome being Knight of Pentacles reversed, I'd say that it is at a real standstill, little progress is being made because energies are scattered and aren't being focussed on the relationship.
Alternatively it could refer to one of the two people- someone who is a loner, who's had a tough time and can't get their life on track. This person is irresponsible and won't follow through on any committment.
Either way, not a very good sign. The rest of the spread will give an indication as to which of these meanings will apply.


knight of pentacle up side down shows that this is an old fashion conservative person, who is approaching very inefective to the the circumstance in wich he find himself, he might appear weak and depressed due to his inability to adapt to changes, someone who is clingin to the past reluctant to give up old habits or old ways of life. the relationship is making no progress, and has become dull. there is some obstacles to romance and mariage



I must say I'm impressed AND a bit confused by this approach...! I mean I don't think I could read without having the question, or at least a bit more specific theme for the reading... I try to look at the whole picture, the whole spread - and without a specific focus, I think I'd just get lost...! :)

Then again I am a beginner...! :p

Generally I wouldn't necessarily regard the Knight of Pents as such a negative card, I usually see this as a stubborn oldfashioned kind of person, one of "the old school", and one who might be so nice it makes him stupid, if you know what I mean - I don't know what the English word for that is... But as I said, I can't really do much with so little information - to me it would all depend on what the rest of the reading showed!

Love and light!
Jenny :)


Well...I see the Knight of Pentacles as someone who Quests for knowledge or riches, depending on the contexts, so in reversal, that would be the stay at home defensive on their hoard of gold, who always has their sword drawn against marauding dragons...
or against those shocking new ideas that threaten to change the logic you've been basing your world-view on...someone that doesn't want to adapt, and would rather struggle on thinking fuzzily...Hope I'm not insulting anyone you know...It could be a warning card...esp. as a resolution..

impressed by the 'not knowing the question' technique there....