I havent felt it yet


i have yet to really have more then one of the faeries speak to me, there are a few who have touched my heart, and things like that but none have really "spoke" to me am i doing something wrong?


Not at all - every oracle's fae are different, and yours are probably just shy.

Mine took a while to make their presence felt, and when I don't use the deck for a while, they take a little 'time out' for themselves. I can sense their energy in their little velvet bag.

I don't know how long you've had your deck, but have you done the exercises in the book? They really helped me connect.

Also, not every fae will come visit you, until you need them. The ones that I can feel most often are Gawtcha, Ilbe and the Dark Lady. Some, like the Soul Shrinker, don't visit very often at all.

It doesn't mean you've done anything wrong; they're just waiting for the right time - for when you need them.


They work with different people in different ways, depending on the person's personality. Some people are really sensitive to them and can pick up on live messages from them. Others, like me, have personalities that are much less intuitive - I just tend not to pick up spoken messages or sense presences. But the cards provide me with a bridge to the otherworld, and I can make myself receptive to the messages coming through that way. Maybe I don't hear faery voices directly, but I can reflect on and soak up the message of the card I draw that represents the presence of the faery(s) of the moment in my life - I'm receptive. That's the first thing. The other thing is that relating to the faeries impacts on your life, and if you're alert, you can notice some of the changes. This is just as difficult to see, in a way - you have to be monitoring your feelings and attitudes and interactions pretty regularly to see it.

So, if you're sensitive, you can 'read' the source of the message directly, and if you're alert, you can 'read' the expression of it in your life.


Please don't think that you are doing anything wrong! :)

Some people feel it right away.. others it takes some time. So don't worry.

Have you done any of the excercises in the book yet?
I found those to be very helpful in the beginning when I hadn't felt much either. After doing a few of them.. there has been a connection ever since.

Don't worry!!
Good luck!



You're not doing anything wrong. I have one little guide who talks to me, but I sometimes wonder if he's only my imagination. For some reason all the faeries seemed to want to talk to me at once when I first got my cards, and it was overwhelming; but they've settled in now, and they're quieter. The messages I get seem to come through when I'm writing about the cards I draw. Just go into the card, ask the faery what s/he wants to tell you, and write down whatever comes into your mind. This is what works for me. Maybe the same thing will work for you, it's worth a try. In any case, just enjoy them! They come out to play when you're having fun, and when they know you're listening for them.

Have you tried singing or dancing with them?



ive done a lot with them like having them on my bed while i slept, they are in a glass box just sitting there, see ive had them since november and a few really call out to me that honesty was one when i looked into his eyes i could really feel him, the oak men was another the glanconer is the one who bothered me the most, i felt like he held many secrets that he was not sharing with me, maybe it was not the right time but i felt betrayed by him and his secrets. ive done most of the exceresies in the book and although i adore the deck i feel nothing when i use it at times. i usually resort to playing cards and reading from a book that my mother gave me about tarot with playing cards. im lost i need some guidence!


What sort of guidance would be useful? Guidance about what?


any tips on making them come out and talk to me. ..im at a point in my life where i really need them and they're arent there!


Perhaps if you meditate? You say it's a difficult time for you - maybe they are trying to communicate, but what they're 'saying' is getting drowned out.

They may be showing themselves in ways other than direct communication. Moving things, having you wake up at night just in time for your favourite movie to come on, impulse buys, all could be the fae's way of saying hi.

I think it was Froud who said that the fae hid what you thought you need and show what you really need - maybe their quietness is to show you what you really need.


How about writing a dialogue with the fae? Pick one you'd like to communicate with, a card you feel could talk to you, and write a comment/question. Then imagine what that fae might say back. Then write your thought back.

Keep going, even if you think you're making it all up. As you write, thoughts that aren't yours will appear, and they will be communicating through your pen.

This sounds forced until you try it, but with some trust and playful experimenting, their words come through.