I know this dream means something....but what ?


Last night i dreamt that.....something really stupid and insignificant had happened in a store with a guy, i ended up running and hiding from him as he had a gun (i also think i had a gun too), i was now running up a grass bank and i was trying to find somewhere to hide until he'd gone.

Then i seen some drops of blood on the path where i was, i was amongst trees and grass, but there was also a path where the blood was......when i seen the blood i thought "oh no, he's here", where he then appeared around the corner.

I now wanted to say to him "look this is getting blown out of all proportion now, lets just leave things now and stop with this stupidness", but i didn't.

He then said he needed to go toilet, so he's walked down the grass bank, but then collapsed on the floor, he opened his shirt and there was a hole in his chest...i looked on in horror from the top of the grass bank, thinking "omg ive actually shot him"....he then flicked 3 flies from the hole in his chest (you could just see a bit of his ribcage through the hole....no blood).

I went down to him and my son was also with me, i went over to him and said "i don't know what to do, what shall i do"....he said "i'm dying".

I then told my son to shout Donna (this is someone i don't even know), i thought that she needed to be with him if he was going to die, this woman then kept walking past where we were like she couldn't find us, and i kept having to try and shout her over etc so she knew where we was.

When she finally arrived, she was very very heavily pregnant, she knelt at the side of him but said that she shouldn't really be here because of her pregnancy.

He still hadn't died at this point, but he then aimed his gun at me, the gun was on the floor but he sort of aimed it at me.....where i then said "go on then, if your going to shoot me just do it"

I then woke up.


In real life there is a guy who i've been seeing and things are not good between us at present because of something so minor and stupid....which is actually his fault not mine.

In the dream this is that guy, as he has the same guns ( he has a gun licence as he does clay pigeon shooting), so i know this dreams relating to the situation.

Him being shot in the chest must be him hurting, the 3 flies though i'm not sure about and also the heavily pregnant woman im confused about.

Yes this dream is about death (even though he didn't actually die) and birth (even though she didn't actually give birth......so yes life and death.

Can anyway give there thoughts please in helping me to be able to piece this together.

I need help with the 3 flies on his chest that he flicked off.
Why was the pregnant woman there, but she didn't give birth.
Why didn't he die, but was on his way out too.
Why was there no blood in the hole he'd been shot....just flies.

**Also just to add, he is a Scorpio which i know is about life and death** ....infact he's a libra/scorpio cusp.


I've been trying to dissect this dream most of the day lol....the 3 flies that were on his chest that he flicked off....i'm wondering if they could be an annoyance or like a nervous thing, because they were on his chest ?


Maybe you should try pulling some cards about the dreams message.


Ive took pageofswords advice and pulled some cards, as to what it may mean...

I got queen coins, 7 cups, 3 coins

The 7 cups happens to be venus in scorpio, and like i mentioned before he is a Scorpio, so as this central card is the strongest in the 3, then this is the most influential.

Venus in scorpio is someone who feels things very deeply and get deeply emotionally involved with someone very quickly...so when things go wrong, they don't handle this too well. So this to me is representing the hole in his chest, he's hurting BUT then still i can't put my finger on what the flies would mean.

The queen coins here must be me and this queen is a Capricorn and also the 3 coins is mars in capricorn......so the scorpio energy is being overwhelmed by the capricorn energy.

Or maybe its actually him, i do know that Capricorns are very good at controlling any of their desires or their feelings, they like to be in control of things like this......so i suppose there's a lot of control coming from him here in relation to how hurt he is feeling.

Wheel of fortune is quint, so this could be him making a big deal out of something so small....which is exactly in real life what happened.

Just noticed also that i have venus and mars next to each other here, and when these two get together it's a very intense feeling of passion and feeling a strong energy, and also venus and saturn is on the left which is about holding back how you really feel and keeping someone at arms length and withdrawing emotionally.

So going on the dream then yes he is hurting emotionally (hole in chest), if he's that much of an intense person, then maybe he feels like he's had his heart literally ripped out. Also maybe the fact that he didn't actually die, was the fact of him not wanting to let me go...he doesn't want things to totally "die out" between us.

There was a trail of blood i seen on the path, which must be the pain and unhappiness he's feeling.

The path was amongst grass and trees, which im still not sure about ?

The pregnant woman must mean that something new will emerge from this maybe...i'm not too sure.....and because she was heavily pregnant, then it could be like very soon.