I love the death card in this pack!!!


Hi All,

I have to say that the death card is my absolute favourite card in this deck. I find it beautiful. Anytime I come across it I sit and look at this card for ages.

I obviously have not looked at every single deck that there is, but I have not seen another deck where the death card looks so appealing.

Anyone else of the same opinion or am I in the minority??


Am I missing something or did you not tell us the name of the Deck ?



The Gilded Tarot's Death card is a little less threatening than some other decks, it is a rather intriguing card and I like the way Ciro marchetti has use the Shield depicting a white horse (symbolising purity of will) and the banner with the white flower (purity of desire) to show what is needed for spiritual growth.

What a nice way of getting the message of transformation over!

The crowned one

This whole deck is hit and miss with me, death is a miss, but each to their own, the deck is popular for a reason and I am not it ;)


I love the Death card too in this deck. Actually all the cards are breathtakingly beautiful. :)



My 3 year old DD saw it and said "OOOOHHHH! PIRATE!!!" - lol


I find this card a little bit intimidating, myself. Along with the Magician, it's one of the only personae that looks you full in the face, albeit from empty eye sockets.

The purple netting floating around is interesting. It grades into black...perhaps signifying the mourning period that is an inevitable part of transformations?

Death is deliberate, well-ordered and purposeful. There is nothing chaotic about this image. I do find that very reassuring.


Death, O'Death

This is my starter deck I forgot the name of it when I first applied ~ a week ago. When I read its meaning and looked closely at the card, I felt like Death is a welcoming change after a long period of disappointment.

It'll be fun to see if Death, in this deck and in future, remains a positive omen for me. The last reading [Cross of Truth] I did put Death in a 'challenge / opposition' position, which is an oddity for me.

I think there are other reasons I'm so attached to Death, but that is a whole different topic, ;) It is a very beautiful card and I usually am quite glad to see it show up. It reminds me that if my life starts to fall apart, something else is emerging and I should find out what the 'change' is.


the death card of this deck, black and white, very contractive,

this card is not my favorite card of this deck, but i would say, this card is quite appealing then other death cards of other deck.