I may be a sensitive empath need some help


Hello everyone. After a lot of research and self examination I have come to the conclusion that I might be a sensitive empath. It took a long time to come to this conclusion as I looked for all possible alternatives. I find I can shut out individual people but large group situations are horribly draining to the point I do my best to isolate myself and not go out much. What I draw off people often terrifies me in public places.

I often also get frustrated with family when they don't heed my advice about people it is never wrong.

Nature, people, animals and possibly spirits not sure seem to be my forte. It is actually rather funny when some says heed my cat she is nasty to everyone and 3 minutes later it is sleeping on my lap.

My biggest issue and why I am posting is I desperately need help in how to feel with group environments it encroaches on my life...

Still trying to figure out other things I have experienced like the weird whispers of my name and various odd whispering statements but one thing at a time. Hopefully I can see some advice from others to test out.


It does sound as though you are what is called a Sensitive, that is someone who is very aware spiritually. You may pick up on others feelings and thoughts which is as you say empathy, you may be sensitive to those in spirit who are wishing to make contact. Because you are so spiritually sensitive it can be daunting to be with large groups. l have given a link here on protecting, grounding and cleansing yourself which is a must not only for those working psychically but for all.
Hope it helps you :)


Edited to say l used google to find resource on grounding, so if you prefer you can do the same to pick up as much info as possible.


Hi Siochanai,
well I am the same and only realised this about a year ago! I hate large groups of people or busy places. It was diagnosed as social anxiety but actually I think it is now all part of this. Therapy and medication in my life did not change this at all!

There is many websites about being an empath and the fact you are good with animals, good at helping people and realising their moods and dealing with many people. We also pick up every emotion and mood from those around us!

I have only been looking into my own life with it for about a year. I am trying to ground myself. I use grounding meditations and you can use crystals which protect you and ground you. Maybe search websites and you can search for threads on here for "crystals for empaths". you can shield away the bad energy and negative emotions which affect us. I wear Labradorite on me all the time but do want to buy some more.

I think the techniques for sensitive people and empaths is to learn how to control it. meditate and release being affected (or how you react to it) and shield ourselves from the energy.

I get whispered statements and messages all the time! I think that is clairaudience. I have always been an empath but just found it out or learnt about it. But using tarot and divination and using my intuition has opened a whole new area for me! suddenly I get messages! I don't feel scared by it or that I am crazy. But it's all very uncontrolled and random. This is not like schizophrenic voices, they don't tell me to do anything. Milfoil once wrote a post on here that you can tell the difference between messages and if you are producing our own voices in your imagination, if you are hearing voices telling you to do "bad things" that is worrying. I get random phases which I then have to work out. It's nearly always during divination for me, I include them in the reading and they always amaze the sitter :) They don't come for every person though. I want to get experienced with myself and to be able to control this! not be affected by others and get messages or feelings when I need them :thumbsup:


Thanks guys I will have to look into grounding and such. I know this is no social anxiety I love people and can socialize but large groups put me into a confused state too much from every direction. Then again often I have to pretend to like someone because the personality traits people try to hide in those situations overwhelm me unless I block it out.

Lucky for me the whispers are not super common but the other night I was scared beyond my wit. I was laying in bed just at that point between a wake and sleep. When the air got kinda heavy and stuffy. I felt a strong sense of power maybe emotion like lust. Startled me a bit so I took some deep breaths and laid back down. Got to that in between state again and got a loud echoing wisper of my Nick name. Billy! Jumped out of bed looked around nothing. Went upstairs mom did you call me... nope ok. Whent back to bed rolled over and again another echoing wisper this time a phrase. Do not worry I will help with what I can there is a plan. Jumped out of bed was awake for the rest of the night. Still gives me jitters thinking about it. But whispers are random and can go quite a while with none. They never tell me to do something always short and cryptic. Always a female voice tho which is odd.

Yea will really figure out some grounding practice hopefully that will help with groups.


I read this book a while back called, Are you really too sensitive? Maybe something here would help?


I've recently heard, though there may be some neurological thing causing us to be more sensitive than others...I have to look into that more.

Good luck, you're not alone:)

I ordered this book looks interesting and cheap should be a decent read. I do find it interesting that you bring up neurological. It reminded me of the brain test i took that classified me in the 5% of the worlds population that uses each hemisphere of my brain equally. Ie i have no dominant brain side. I think this is what makes me such a great abstract thinker and contemplator. Who knows maybe that has something to do with sensitivity like this as well. Have no clue.


I ordered this book looks interesting and cheap should be a decent read. I do find it interesting that you bring up neurological. It reminded me of the brain test i took that classified me in the 5% of the worlds population that uses each hemisphere of my brain equally. Ie i have no dominant brain side. I think this is what makes me such a great abstract thinker and contemplator. Who knows maybe that has something to do with sensitivity like this as well. Have no clue.

Cool! Well, you may be on to something. I'm ambidextrous and though I write, right-handed I do most everything else left handed. People always have some crap to say about why my mouse is on the left side, etc etc...my mom always said to tell people it's because I use "BOTH" sides of my brain.. haha. I haven't taken the test, but I suppose it could be all related...anything's possible.


Welcome to the wonderful world of empathic life! Lots of us are loaners by choice as it is easier than fending off all of the negative energy from other people.

I have learned a very effective prayer for protection (actually, protection and abundance) that was channeled and generously shared by the psychic medium Michelle Whitedove:


This makes a huge difference for me. Also, I do carry crystals that I feel will help. I select different ones on different days.

Aura Wolf

A little late to this, sorry! I'm also an empath who took a long time to figure it out. Everything makes so much more sense, and I am appreciating my abilities even more, but it's still confusing (and at times painful!) trying to navigate life with such a sensitive nervous system. I feel you, so I'm going to share what I've learned.

First off, finding time to meditate, ground, and center has proven extremely helpful (whether before, during, or after stressful experiences). Finding time to relax and take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically is of utmost importance (coming from someone who notices when she's not on top of this!). Creative visualization is useful in shielding oneself from others' energies, especially in public places (ex. visualizing a protective light around oneself (in whatever colour makes you feel safe), imagining the energies bounce off or sliding around a protective bubble, etc). Having a friend by your side can be helpful, as can setting an intention before going out into stressful environments. Music can help keep your thoughts and feelings on track and help you feel protected from the sounds and sights outside of you, as can having a book to read or something to focus your attention while on public transit. I also instinctively limit my eye contact with strangers, especially those being passed on the street--we empaths have a tendency to see into others' souls, which can be quiet disconcerting at times when there's noticeable pain and negative thoughts floating around in there...we feel things easily regardless, but I find it's easier to avoid when I don't look straight into others' eyes, because it's essentially an invitation. Now, I don't mean we should always do things that isolate us from other people--that's not the goal--but in certain situations it might be extremely helpful, at least until we have our empathy more under our control.

You may find flower essences helpful for that. I am still fairly new to them myself, but I've been using Bach's Rescue Remedy and have also heard promising things about many others. I have some Yarrow essence in the mail right now. This essence is formulated to make life easier for people who are extremely sensitive, physically/mentally/emotionally, by softening the blow of negative empathic responses to environmental stressors. The essence I'm trying is by FES Flowers, and is a combination of white, pink, and golden yarrow, as well as arnica and echinacea--specifically formulated for people like us :) You can read more about it here.

Working with crystals can help immensely as well. There are a number of crystals that can be helpful for sensitive people. There are several short articles online but I think it really depends on the person. You may want to look into crystals that are grounding and recentering, that are calming, repel negativity, assist with psychic shielding, realign the mind/body/spirit, etc. There are some that will do most, or maybe even all of these things. Black Tourmaline is often mentioned for its ability to transform negativity into positivity, as is Obsidian for its shielding and healing qualities, and Rose Quartz for its calm, loving energy. These are all great. Personally, I also recommend Charoite, as it grounds your spiritual body into your physical body, transmutes negativity, and floods with a feeling of calm and centeredness (at least in my experience!). Kyanite is also extremely grounding, shielding, calming, and rebalancing on all levels (and doesn't need cleansing). This is a good one to have; Ruby in Kyanite might be a nice choice as well. Fluorite is also good to have around because it has a tendency to absorb whatever you put into it (cleanse it often!). And these are just a few.

If you're looking for more information on how to deal with life as a sensitive person, there are a number of books out there. I also found The Happy Sensitive, which is one website I came across that has some good information for highly sensitive people and empaths. You can read the blog posts by scrolling down on the homepage or via the links under "Article Series" in the left sidebar. There's also a community there.

Just a few ideas :) I hope things get easier for you! I know how hard it can be.