I The Magician--Archeon Tarot


Once again we see the full moon in the background...which I love. The moons really set the tone for the deck (among other things). Compared to the rest of the deck, The Magician is rather simple: a guy just standing there with an inquisitive look on his face. However, there seems to be a kind of energy radiating off his left arm--like he's charging up his power (like a super hero or something similar), ready to cast his spell (or whatever).

The guy kinda looks like Tom Cruise, and he seems to be wearing an Asian-looking outfit--but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be Asian-looking. There seems to be a lot of power building up in him...but he seems to not be completely ready to test out his powers; he needs to learn more and experience more before setting out on his "quest" or life.

Thanks, FS


I like how this deck does not have the Magician with the traditional table and tools. It appeals to my belief that a master magician ultimately should rely on the "tools" within him/her. From his mind to his spirit to using his body as a channel of energy. The tools are aids but the magician is the person not the tools.

I like the look of focus and intensity in his piercing eyes as if he has a heightened sense of knowing. Which a magician should have.

I notice the sigils in the background which indicates to me associating the Magician card with Ceremonial Magick.

I also notice what looks like a map but I'm not sure what that represents.


I also like the map in the background. He has the world behind him. He knows what he needs to know to move forward from the rest of the world and choose his own path.

The outfit I am a little unsure of. Kinda Asian but also a little Hollywood's version of medieval times (think old Robin Hood movies)

It seems almost like he's on a quest with his posture and manner.


his arm, covered in blood... speaks to the OLD magic, the dangerous magic that was all fire and blood and secrets and not to be learned without sacrifices...


archeon said:
his arm, covered in blood... speaks to the OLD magic, the dangerous magic that was all fire and blood and secrets and not to be learned without sacrifices...

There is blood on his arm??? I missed that. *flipping through the deck looking for the card*

Wow his arms ARE two different colors. I don't see the blood though. His arm is the same color as his face. His other arm the one that is very light does not match the rest of his skin. Maybe lack of blood? Maybe he is both man AND spirit? There is also something white on his clothes that is on the same side as the pale arm.

I sure didn't see any of this the first time I studied the card. Thanks for pointing it out Archeon.


Death or alive, he is looking pretty sure of himself. He seems ready to act. He seems really powerful.


This is one of my favourite cards. There's something really erotic about him, powerful magnetism. The contrasts of his arm are really apparent. I noticed the red colour of the left but hadn't equated it to blood. The right, appears to be draped in white flames. Both relate to the comment by Lantz in the LWB "His sovereignty is born of blood, fire and spirit". The maps behind him: he is the king of all he surveys. The outfit does speak to me of a tunic of old. Medieval or Oriental. Perhaps even of a hindu origin.


For some reason The Magician remains me of Sean Beans (despite the dark hair) character the warrior Boromir of Gondor in LOTR in the scene where he is defending the hobits against the Uruk Hai in the end of film 1.

it kind of gives me the same feelings as the last minuts of the first movie of LOTR, when Boromir finally understands that the magic of the ring had fooled him around.

The Northern Wind

This card is all about Potential. Every one of us has the potential to be good in something. The only difference is whether we use this potential or not. The magician has the strength to use it and does so with confidence. He knows he is going to get what he wants, be it a thing or a person. He is the principle of masculinity. When the card is reversed, the moon comes up front, which symbolizes that the potential is hidden, still not discovered, or unused.

If we take into account the difference between the hands (the crimson arm slightly hidden in the dark and the white one) then the first one represents the potential used to cause evil and the second one the potential used to cause good.