I was wondering . . .


'Lo all,

'fraid this will be even more rambly than ususal.

Really enjoy these forums. Mostly read, but try to contribute when I can. Mostly not anything positive, but just try and stir things with a stick, and see what turns up. Have never been disapointed.

No questions about my love life. Currently, it is non-esistent. Am not looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I have yet to buy my first lottery ticket. The rent is paid, and for the foreseable future, I'm not going to starve.

My computer is ancient and crashy, my email beyond reach. But, gee, eventually I can push a piece of plastic credit card over the counter and fix that.

Sounds stupid to complain about not having a problem, I know. But my life is at a sticking point. Can't write. Where, what next?

So, I was wondering, if I grounded and tried to center and all, and layed out a spread, I mean very carefully, and posted it right (I love solandia but I hate it that the Beginners section is gone), would you all read it for me? Well, of course you all would.

But, I mean, how would I do it? I blather around about tarot readings, 'cause I like it and I've read more than most, but I've never really had one. Or, gawd forbid, done one. The first six cards of the Celtic Cross? All ten? What?

Like I said, this is not a big deal. I have no super problem. Just stuck, and looking for a direction.

Anyway, no matter how dumb my posts, the response on aeclectic has always been intelligent or entertaining, or, most often, both.

I was just wondering . . .




We certainly would take a stab at reading a spread for you! My suggestion would be to post it in the Readings and Spreads section along with whatever you saw as relevant surrounding it.

Looking forward to seeing your spread!


Talisman... My heart goes out to you. And I really hope that after this reading, you find inspiration to write again... Dunno what this forum would do without what you create!

I would certainly try and help you out on that spread when you post it...

I'm going to the Spreads and Readings section right now to check for it...



Talisman, even I might take a stab at it! :-D . BTW ,just a thought , for anybody who's computer is down or too slow or non existant , or they just want to escape the house- I think most public Librarys now have the internet.I have been to one where half of the 20 or so computers there sit empty,you get your own little booth , and nobody looks or bothers you . Also they have DSL or something so it goes Much faster than a regular internet server . There are Many free E mail services you can sign up for,for instance hotmail.com, which you can keep and access from any computer anywhere.So , let's say you had aol but you dropped it , you can Still get your hotmail E mail from any computer. Even though the computers may post a sign saying "no E mail" or "20 minute limit" ,they won't bother you Unless there's a waiting line, which is a rarity.


C'mon, Talisman!! Let's GO!!
Currently I have sporadic access to the Forums, but I shall endeavor to give you my 2 bits worth. Maybe more :D & use whatever spread you want, only please post the positions (even if it's the Celtic Cross because of the variations). If it's a 9-card spread I'll fetch my bandanna for it!!


Talisman - miffed >( as I am that you've left me in the lurch about your sister (Debbie Mitchell?) I'd help you too. But, I wouldn't ask a question and then ignore your answer. :p



Sorry, should never have mentioned this, but think Ladybug, as in publishers of decorative art books. Like down in the Ozarks. If my email had been working, I promise you I would have dropped you a note. The little bear on the postcard propped up by my desk is from "P.S. I Love You." Her company publishes books by so many different artists, surely you have at least one in your painting book collection. Your guess, while not right, was logical.



I wonder where my post went. It disappeared out there into cyberworld unless I posted it to the wrong forum. Oh well. Sister is Shirley Wilson. Jus gotta be, jus gotta be.



Yeah. Wish I could'a done this by email. But it no longer works. Can't hide from a tarot person.

J'ever paint from her? Absolutely no tarot, but she did my favorite hermit once. Never published. 'Twas painted on cork, and I think a portrait of her only brother. An ugly guy cooking in a bean can over a campfire.

Happy painting,



doing all sorts of things today, and computer hasn't crashed. Much.

Library: They do have computers, but they are on long tables where people sit elbow-to-elbow, and a long row of chairs of people waiting their turn. Looks like the motor vehicle department.

There is an internet cafe a few blocks away. Never been there. Think they use Macs. Shouldn't matter for email.

My favorite coffee shop has outside tables, where you can sit with your book/notebook watching the city roll by.

Thanks for the suggestion, and I hope others find it useful.