Identify RWS deck "The Cards"


Does anyone know what this is?


I can't find any information about it.

Laura Borealis

Maybe a print on demand deck. The cards don't look like they're cut very well - see the bottom edge, how it looks a bit frayed? (Edit - no, it's just the shrink wrap.) And the box doesn't look thick enough for a full deck. Odd...

ETA With a cursory search, I can't find a publisher called Alpha with a logo that matches, either.


Hmmm.... No USG copyright on the cards? I doubt the publisher is in the US then. And I agree with Laura that unless the cards are on incredibly thin stock, it doesn't look like a full deck. It also looks like each stack of cards is shrinkwrapped, which seems odd. Wish I could see the bottom of the box more clearly.

Laura Borealis

includes a complete set of 78 Rider-Waite tator cards

What's tators, precious?

Laura Borealis

boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew

Haha! No, not you :)

Now my mind is off on a Tater Tarot Tangent. :p


There is a tarot deck and book set from Alpha Books published in Canada - Wonder if that's the deck in that set?

Wow, I commend your internet searching skills. I searched for over an hour and could not find a thing. What search engine did you use, out of curiosity?

But it is indeed the deck that comes with that set. The eBay seller responded and said that the bottom of the deck says it was published by Penguin Group and that there is also a url for

Curiosity got the best of me, so I bought it. I figured it was part of a book/deck set since it was called "The Cards" but I was trying to figure out if it was part of a set that I would want. I would probably never read the book that comes with this set.

Hopefully the cards are not total rubbish.