Identify this low quality deck?


I was just curious if anyone knew anything about where this deck came from. It's a pretty poor quality print. The hermit has a big smear like a head wound, and the black on a few of the cards is very heavy handed. The poor queen of batons almost has Harry Potter glasses! The cards sorta feel like plastic playing cards. I got the deck from a garage sale last year for 75 cents I think - no box or copyrights or anything. The old man I bought it from looked at me like I was buying the tools of the devil, so I was glad to adopt the poor sad little deck. I was looking through it yesterday and thought I'd ask to see if anyone recognized it from a dollar store sellout or something. :p


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Laura Borealis

That's a reproduction Conver by Thunder Bay Press.


Justice looks as if she's wearing little, round John Lennon style specs too..

The Happy Squirrel

Love the back!!

Marcus R

I have trimmed this deck lately. I was comparing it to the decks on the Tarot of Marseilles Heritage page and noticed the colours are wrong. The Hanged man has red trousers, where all the other decks' hanged men have blue trousers. There are other variations too. Good cheap deck for a Marseille copy though.


Yeah , the backs are nice and sharp and the fronts are ... kinda blobby. I realy do like the deck though. As far as the different colorations however, I am clueless. I've seen different fool cards where (what I assume is) the fool's 'bare bottom' was painted green and his 'tights' were peach, and on my mini deck he has a peach bottom and bluish tights.


Man, I'm so jealous. I just paid 13 bucks for this on book depository because I wanted an all plastic tarot so badly.

I find the crude line work kind of charming. But that might just be my need to justify having spent $13 talking. ;)


The Thunder Bay set is discussed here. The link in Rusty Neon's first post leads to some good information, too. There's some explanation of the blobbyness and the color scheme. Essentially this is a photoreproduction of a deck printed from very old woodblocks. The fronts, that is. The backs, which I find delightful, are modern.

You can find various publishers associated with these cards. The deck alone, not in a set, is available from Bounty Books. That's probably what The Book Depository carries. My last copy, though, was listed as published by whoever owns Bounty Books. I forget who that is, and that deck is in deep storage.