If for the last time you're to suggest only one deck to all ATers, which would it be?


At this point in time, Pagan Otherworlds. This deck is to die for. Fresh, antique, classic, perfection.



At this point in time, Pagan Otherworlds. This deck is to die for. Fresh, antique, classic, perfection.

As my first, and likely last post, I will fully get behind Pagan Otherworlds as a spectacular, must-have deck.

Marcus R

Its so beautiful, and pure genius. It was also my first. I would keep this above all.


Might be trite but I'd have to say Rider Waite. It was my first deck and as a teen I poured over it, learning the cards, getting to know them.

When I pick it up, it is as if an old friend is speaking to me.

I still have that first deck and it lives in my purse, traveling with me always.


Seconding the Everyday Witch Tarot! It's so whimsical and easy to read!


Ah - sorry - cannot just do one deck only. Tried real hard, but failed!

Connolly - sitters simply adore it, and it reads like a dream. The colour schemes in each suit and card make it realllly easy to get a quick snapshot of the overall picture or feel of the reading. Many decry some of the Christian references, but I find them to be few, charming and unobtrusive (and I am not Christian, nor any other religion). I have worn out 6 copies of it, because it is the sitter's consistent choice out of ten pretty decks offered.

Aquarian, because it is cool but sympathetic, and is clear in the message. It keeps its head, when all about are losing theirs.

Pagan Cats, because.

Bohemian Cats, also because. (they are cats, and cannot be questioned)

Kat Black's Touchstone and Golden.


The Granny Jones Australian Tarot, obviously.


When people revisit this thread long after the Forum has succumbed to its endless sleep, it shall be the Tarot that people will associate with you.

Hooooooo Knight, why do you have to say this in such lyrical sad way ? Now I am picturing the forum sleeping in the abyss of the net like the Titanic is sleeping and desintegrating in the abyss of the sea four kilometers under the surface and the light :( :( :( and I am on the verge of crying !

I have extreme difficulties mentioning only one deck. I am not a tarot reader that uses only one deck. I love several. I love the Bohemian Gothic, the Motherpeace, The Albano RWS, the Druidcraft, the Gorgon's despite its crappy sticky cardstock, the Clover tarot, the Wild Unknown, the Fountain, the Hudes, the Alice by Baba, the Distant Past, the Baroque Bohemian Cats, the Stella's, the Mermaids DD, the Sacred Bridges, the Vacchetta, the Victorian Romantic....

But, for the sake of this thread, I am trying to mention only two and see if I can do that.

The Bohemian Gothic tarot is the first real tarot deck that I bought for myself, apart from the tarot playing cards decks that have been around my crowd for ages. The Bohemian Gothic, with its dark images, manages to be both deep and serious, and to show a good deal of second degree humour. It is the first deck that I fell in love with and the first one that really took me on the path of seriously learning tarot reading. The edition I have is such a little beauty, what with its crisp cardstock and pewter gilding that looks like liquid moonlight. The velvety matte cards give a soft ssshhh sshhh sound when I shuffle them, like the wings of an owl caressing the wind of the night. I do not use it that deck often, but it is always near me, and when I use it, it is very special.

The Clover tarot from latvian artist Nika Berne is one of my go to decks, it find it beautiful, clever and easy to read, I like to read for my friends with it. The Clover tarot is the first deck that gave me the need to get a back up copy, should anything happen to my copy and in the fear that it would become OOP (and unfortunately, this need for backups have grown since to encompass a few other favourite decks...)
The art and the colors are pick-me -ups and make me happy when I look at it.
I think this deck is underrated in the tarot world.... it really deserves to be discovered, in my opinion. It gives wonderful, rich readings, and I find it very balanced - it has a little of each element, a little of all features, but in the end it is a positive deck that will deliver neat readings with a positive twist (even if the cards tell you how bad it is, they also tell you how you can make it better if you put your mind to it and your energy into gear)

Special mention to the Alice tarot (another little gem from Baba Studio) for its stunning images in metallic ink, its buttery cardstock, and its images that manages to be so different from the RWS depictions and still strongly relate to the RWS system while playing with a psychedelic classic anglosaxon tale. It is too beautiful too not be mentioned.

OK, that was three. But I have been very good at keeping the number low, if I may say so myself.

And, of course, we'll always have the RWS..... (Albano and Centennial for me please)


Roots of Asia, Thoth and if you want a challenge the Tarot of the Third Millenium.
l know that's three but hard to choose just one.


Hey, everybody gave three and I only one and that's unfair!!! *throws huge tantrum*

So here is my triumvirate of T:

Thoth - Tabula Mundi - Trionfi della Luna