IF you could do a reading FOR anyone...


If you could read FOR, not about, ANYONE in the world who is currently living today, WHO would you MOST like to ask you for a reading?

I know many readers read ABOUT certain public figures, but whether a public figure, celebrity, your next door neighbor, WHO would you like to ask you for a reading?

I honestly couldn't think of anyone I wish would ask me for a reading. I think it might be interesting to read for several people just to see what I would get.

The Dalai Lama, for example, I think would be an interesting read :)

Anyone have someone that comes to mind they would like to have ask for a reading?


I would love love love to do s reading for my main helping ancestor aunt. She did divination through bones and other methods centuries ago-- I wish I could read for her. She was my first thought--perhaps not what you had in mind but I wish I could be in the same time period to help her as she has helped me so much!


Cool Answer, JoJoCat

But yeah, it is about someone living today. I do love your answer though and yes, how cool would that be.


Interesting question!
For me and because of what reading the tarot means to me, it would have to be someone controversial. You change the world one person at the time right?
I'd go for Putin.

You havent asked for dead people but I'll tell you anyway :D
Kurt Cobain:D


Our dearly beloved President D.


As a Gemi, ya'll know I'm always in my head thinking about things. lol I would love to do a reading for possibly 3 dysfunctional families and compare and contrast the results. LOL


I'm not all that keen on nosing around other people's lives. I'm happy to list people I'd love to have conversations with but readings? I'll read for anyone who asks me normally but not for those who don't. And I never offer.


I'd like to read for the authors Stephen King or Philippa Gregory because I love their writing and we could chat after their reads, or perhaps Philippa Langley (from the Richard III Society) who was key in the recovery and reburial of Richard III because I found her fascinating in The the King in the Carpark documentary and we could chat after her read, or perhaps our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau because he is so darned cute..... I guess there are a lot of people I would like to read for........:grin:


My great-grandfather was a curandero in the Philippines. He had a spirit dog that would emerge from a town's hearth to announce his arrival and moments later he would arrive.

I'd like to read him to meet him.


Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

I want to know if they really got married on "Muppets Take Manhattan" and why did they really break up after 40 something years of being in like and in love.

DND :)