Ilbe the Retreiver


Ilbe came up as my card the other evening. I don't deliberately choose reversals, but the cards have been knocked over the floor, and that's the way he came up for me... I started to write out a card study in my journal (I'm finally really studying the deck, after almost five years), but have yet to finish.

My initial thoughts were that there is no more hope in a situation - to move on. I need to check the book, though. (Upright, he could simply have shown my starting to work with the deck. :) )


Poor Ilbe, trying to help us find our lost dreams and our old old childhood fantasies. He always wanted to fly, and developed strong muscles on his back from trying so hard, but his wings are just too small, his own dreams.
His antennae are lit, helping him find what is missing. His ears are crossed, one up and one down.
He has a long neck and narrow shoulders to help him look deep deep deep in the cracks and crevasses in ourselves.


Ilbe has been my favorite for a while now. There's something sort of saddening, I feel from him. Like he's trying so hard to get people to remember their dreams and ambitions but it's an uphill battle. It feels like he really wants the best out of us, but doesn't always expect it. I think he's been disappointed many times.