I'm becoming a Unitarian Universalist today


I'm about 7 minutes from the one I attend. I don't drive either so I know how challenging that can be.

They have some audio recordings of their services if you ever want to listen and need some UU philosophizing:


It's nice for people who share a UU mindset but might not have the availability of a local church. :)

Thanks so much for posting that. I have bookmarked the site. It's so nice to have the opportunity to learn.


The UU principles are great. However, it takes money to run a church, and where money is involved, there is politics, and that is where dirt can creep into any church and spoil it, no matter how lofty its philosophy.


...Unitarian what?
Says the Wiccan. Lol.

Good for you Owl Song. :thumbs:

(imo politics... is in everything. Unless one is practicing on ones lonesome, and so doesn't have anyone to politic with. Lol. Such is life once there's any kind of "organisation". So enjoy the community and do your best to duck clear of any politics that there might be - is my best aim.).


Internal politics aren't the issue where we are; we're too small. (Didn't use to be...) It's EXternal politics that tend to raise hackles, because we're so small we're like a family, with all the good and bad that that entails.

Owl Song

Thanks so much for posting that. I have bookmarked the site. It's so nice to have the opportunity to learn.

So glad the link will be helpful to you, Cocobird! :)


Good For You, Owl Song!!!

I, too, was raised Catholic and even worked for the Catholic Church for many years, both as a volunteer and also for a salary. However, I also get so upset with the CC--which I won't go into here. I love being Catholic, (born & raised)--but I'm not a practicing Catholic, due to many of the pitfalls I see happening always in the CC. What I miss most is the fellowship and the sense of being a part of a greater family/community, though.

My husband and I and our daughter did belong to a UU Church for awhile in VA when we lived there. We moved, and there wasn't a Church close to us--so I went back to the Catholic Church. However, I like the U.U. values more tbh. If I can ever find a group that is close to us again, I will most likely begin going back to their services again as well.

So glad you found it to answer all you've been seeking. :heart: