Im confused.


I was reading in a book I just got that certain cards show time.If a wand card appears it says am event will happen in weeks and the season is spring. This goes with the other cards cups/days summer pentacles/years winter and so on. My question is if the querent asks when an event will take place which answer do I give them??? Do I say in a few days or do I say in the summer,how will I tell in later readings??



well, ther are several ways to do this depending on who you ask.

Some people would say that tarot cards can't tell you time...that they don't tell the future, they give insight to a problem.

The way I learned which is quite complicated is this: wands and swords are considered active, cups and pentacles are considered passive. So the more actives you get the sooner it will happen, the more passives you get the farther away it is. YOu simply ask when something will happen. (I do a 3 card draw for this)So for example you get, 3 of pentacles, 2 of wands, and 6 of swords...I would conclude that the event would happen in 2 to 6 weeks. So you you start out with days and for each passive card you get you knock the time from up...days to weeks to months to years. I count court cards as Queen is the13th card in the suit so I would count a Queen as a 4 (1+3 = 4). I do the same thing with majors. I know it's quite confusing, but oddly enough it's has been pretty accurate with the people i read for. It's more of an intuition based way.

But honestly, there is no fool proof accurate way to predict time frames with tarot cards. Why? THe future hasn't happened yet, it's constantly changing. If you are just starting out, I would just tell people that you aren't good with time frames. It's better than promising and not delivering.

But if you want to go for the easiest way, another method is: When asking the question include a time frame. For example: Give me insight and guidance about my career over the next 3 months. Your outcome card will be what will happen over the next 3 months.

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Mmmm, what i do is set the time that the reading covers. for example 12 month forcast...or immediate..etc..try it's less you get more experienced then expand ..:TFOOL


Thank you all so much for your help!!!


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