I'm new at it!


hello everyone I'm Kwesi and I just bought Fey Tarot card and I want to learn and this is my first time to use tarot card so could someone help me what should I do!

Water Lady

Spend some time reading the sites, up at the top is a learn button. spend some time there reading.
It takes time.
You can check out the spreds in the forun, but just spend time with the cards, learn the pictures and read the book that came with it.
good luck


Welcome kwesifriends, the fey is an excellent and very fun deck, you can have a great time learning with it. :) Spend a lot of time playing with your cards, it's the best way to learn in my opinion. Reading stuff here like Nan said will help you too.

If you go through the study group here there's some great ideas and exercises to get you started, you could for example do the 'interviews with a fey'. This will help you to get to know them better. There's a few people here who love this deck and use it, don't hesitate to ask any questions.



thanks a lot everyone yay I only recieve my card today hehehe I wish I can learn it using as soon as possible and I'm tired reading the guide book yay hehehehe! ok I'll spend time on my cards have fun everyone and I wish it will be fun!


Hi kwesifriends,

The Fey is a wonderful deck, I'm sure you're going to love it.

My advice is not to rush.
Learning to read tarot is like trying to speak another language, you can't rush it.
If you want to read well and not just parrot learned keywords then the best thing to do, in my opinion, is to accept that this is a journey and a long one at that.
Try pulling a card a day, I do this at the end of the day and I ask 'what can I learn from today?' or just simply 'tell me about today'.
Look at the card and write down what you think of it before you look in the book that came with the deck.
See how you think that card may have related to your day.
What stands out?
How does the card make you feel? Happy? Sad?
Write it all down and then see what it says in the book. How do your thoughts and observations compare with what the book says?

Spend time playing with the cards, shuffle them loads and you could even try making up stories with them.
The more you use your cards, the more they will seem like an extension of you.

This way you'll learn what the cards mean to you.

When you feel ready, start doing readings with small spreads; 3 cards are enough to answer any question.
Don't start using more cards until you feel confident reading 3.

Have fun :)


yay thats fun wahahah thanks for your advice and right now I need to sleep wahahaha thank you very much and pleasure I found this forum wahahah!

Free Spirit

I'm new to Fey as well.
Brought mine last year. Could'nt relate to the deck when I first brought it, but now I wan't to study and understand it more.
Are you still using the deck or have you moved on to another deck.
Let us know how your doing!!!!

Free Spirit.