in a reading, do we have a right to predict death, birth, etc?

Laura Borealis

I agree. It would have been better if the reader had tried to clarify that phrase.

I don't read for others often, and I've never seen another person's death predicted. I have seen mine (this year sometime -- we'll see! LOL)

I did see an accident predicted, once. This was at a party and it was not a stretch to tell the querent that he should not drive home, but take a taxi instead. But I did see it in the card (a head injury). I'd already unintentionally freaked out the young man by telling him he had two cats (him: "How can you KNOW that?" me: "They're in the card, see?") I never did find out if he took my advice or anything happened to him.


What you don't know is the The Army Corps of Engineers is transporting a van by helicopter and just as it passes over your house, the chains break and the van falls out of the sky and crushes your silly ass hiding under the bed. Better you should have driven to work that day.

LOL, exactly.


Again - once while I was reading for others a woman told me a story about a 'reading' she had had where the reader (not necessarily Tarot - don't recall what exactly) used the unfortunate turn of phrase 'Your Life Will Come Crashing Down.' This woman was about to leave for a Florida vacation (already paid for) and she canceled not only her plane flight, but her entire vacation! I asked her if she had traveled instead by train or bus - she said 'no.' I asked her if the flight she was supposed to be on had, indeed, crashed... she said 'no.' So, this hapless woman lost her money and her vacation because someone said 'your Life will come crashing down.' Do you consider passing this information along 'a right' ?
That also shows how words can be misinterpreted. THings coming crashing down is a phrase and not usually meant literally. I never really thought of that,but that set me to wondering if someone could have a negative reaction to a reading because they misunderstood it, and if we are responsible for that.

My second thought is that is not a good thing to tell a querent anyway. Telling someone their life will come crashing down is lacking in tact, in my opinion. There are many ways to phrase the same news and we are here to help people not to scare them silly. Who would not be scared if they were told that and if they had faith in the reader? There was certainly a kinder way somewhat less dramatic way to phrase that that could have gotten the message across clearly.



my perspective on this is that i try not to predict things as i feel that might scare or they might stick rigidly to the timeline instead i give an overview of a situation, the person etc and let it flow and see what happens..