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Please use this index to easily find the outstanding information that EnriqueEnriquez has offered to the forum community on his method for reading the Marseille Tarot.


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Eye Rhyme Method
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Marseilles Seekers Readings 1
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I thank you from the bottom of my disorganized heart!



EnriqueEnriquez said:


I thank you from the bottom of my disorganized heart!


Dear EE, ^^

Hi there, I am new for Tarot and had just started to get myself involved with studying the cards and doing personal readings.
I Do find your ways very interesting, but is your way only for the Marseille deck? I also had spent some time reading from the Tarot History Forum and they say that I should look into what you've done. Anyways I'm glad I found it here! ^_^


Link doesn't work. The page it links to says the author has deleted it.


Many thanks :)