Inside or out?


I was just thinking do find doing reading outside better or indoors? You see I want to do some more readings for others but my apartment is a studio and the bed is the only place they could sit(that or the floor!) So I have decided to do my readings outside do you feel that reading can be affect from were you read them? Just want to hear what everyone else has too say about this.
Thanks Menmay


Hello Menmay
I have done readings outside on the grass, on the beach etc.
The only downside i have noticed is that you have to be carefull that the wind doesn't blow your cards away. :)Besides that the readings are the same as inside , for me that is.


70% of my readings so far were given outdoors!!!
For the wind I use my velvet cloth, pushed in the grass - the cards just sink and remain quiet.
I think that there should not be differences, provided you feel comfortable with it and manage to focus and tune in all the same. Of course, I would not read in a crowded place, for the privacy of the reader :p but also because people start getting curious, and gather around and annoy!!!

Just find a nice corner in the Park, or go to your favourite cafe... :)


I love to do readings outside especially on sunny days but like Maan and Pollux suggest make sure its not windy or you could be playing 78 card pick up lol and keep clear of curious eyes unless you want to give readings. Tarot cards always seem to attract people :)



one simple way of doing out-doors readings is to do linespreads and just give each card to the querent as you pull them from the deck.
gives them a good chance to see details on the cards too - and encourage them to interact more by switching places, tell a story about the cards, compare the cards more (i.e what details or colours are similar etc)

i love sitting outdoors and read the tarot.


A lady reading outside at a Renaissance event had a small bowl of polished stones with her on the table. It was a pretty windy day but the stones anchored down each card & the corners of her silk scarf she was doing the reading on top of.

You can always put something on top the cards, like this. The polished stones were larger than a thumbnail and the smoothness kept the cards from being damaged. Last thing you want is to pick cards up off the ground that are blowing underfoot.


because.. the dust, and the picking up around the soil. some might say that there is more feeling when connected to the earth, but i prefer the privacy inside. that way the tarot is protected and I feel secure. Plus, its not necessarily fortune telling, my friends & I.. we play solitaire or bridge with tarot, it's exciting as it is!