Insight needed please!


Okay so after I got back from my festival last week! Odd things have occurred.
I'm seeing a fair few signs again such as feathers, dragon flys & butterfly's.

And I'm having strange experiences for example one evening I woke up and I was asleep on the sofa and I don't remember going from my bed awake to the sofa and falling asleep!

Of which my friend joked with me and said your walking back to the festival secretly!

Then most recently here's my favourite I've felt like I've done my tarot on my sleep and I remember seeing quite clearly the King of cups!

I'm wondering with the dreams regarding tarot if it means that someone I meet at the festival I've taken an interest in will become my king of cups sometime soon or near? If not I'm wondering if it's referring to someone whose coming on along the way?

Any other opinions?