Inspiration Tarot or creating a personal handmade deck


Hi everyone! I am wondering if anyone else has the Inspiration Tarot deck and workbook and if so, have you started working in the workbook or on the deck? Or even finished it?

Also, I'm wondering if anyone has created handmade personal decks? I'm sure that's a silly question here, what I'm really wanting to know is the experiences that you don't mind sharing. And how/where you started, mediums, process, etc.

I found the Inspiration Tarot and workbook separately quite awhile back and haven't yet opened the deck. Today, however, I began writing my own particular version of titles for the Major Arcana.

Now that I think about it one of the driving forces behind a heavy duty spell (for me) of collecting over the past while was so I could see many beautiful decks up close for Inspiration.

Then I took beginning drawing and beginning oil painting over the course of two semesters. Now that seems to be all I do! But more portraits of my kids and family.

Something stops me short of opening the blank Tarot pack. I read a Tarot blog awhile back by someone I like a lot that expressed distaste for anyone adding more Tarot decks to the population. Truly, though, it would only be for me to see.

If anyone can tell me about experiences with this particular or hand-created decks, tips, hints, please!

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I have the book! I didn't know it actually came with a pack of cards! I got it used at a library book sale. I'll have to see if I can find the cards.

I've thought about creating tarot cards, but I'm still in the admiring and collecting phase. I don't think you should worry about about a world overpopulation of tarot decks though. It's not like they require food or a whole lot of living space :D

I think your motivations are wonderful. A process of self discovery... You might make something private just for you and a few friends or end up sharing with the tarot-loving public. Either way don't get discouraged!

Updated to add: I didn't find the inspiration tarot card pack, but I did find that you can get blank tarot cards on Amazon for $10 a pack. I might by a couple packs and join you :D



I haven't created a Tarot deck (yet) but I have made a Lenormand (

My number one advice on creating a hand-made deck is to keep the template card the same. I used a Minchiate Tarot card as a template, drew it out on card-board and cut it out and did the drawing directly onto the card

Second I'd say be prepared to draw at least 3/5 versions of one card. I drew the Bear card about eight times before I was truly satisfied with it

Lamination is also important. I used a glossy lamination because I wanted the silver accents to really show on the cards and for the black ink to be vibrant. I bought PVC Lamination sheets and used an iron to apply the lamination

When Laminating make sure that there's a thin fabric between the sheet and the iron. The hotter the iron, the better. When you press for too long the card will start to bend of it's own accord, don't be frightened. İmmediately pull away the fabric and start blowing on the card. It will return to it's original form. I personally aimed for this to happen because the corners and the edges stuck better in my opinion

I'm really happy that you're making a deck for yourself because I can guarantee that it is one of the most rewarding and satisfying things for any Diviner to do. The cards speak on a more personal level that can not be rivalled by a deck by someone else. You know the cards like no one else does

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask and good luck! I'd definitely want to see your end result