Interesting Facts!


Can yall post some interesting facts that a lot of people don't know of the diffrent cards and what they mean to you?,I am VERY new at this!*lol*,'Cause I got a book that came with my Tarot Cards but I read the definition and I'm like,,HUH?*lol*:-D,I don't know,just a thought;-)



i had the same problem when i first started out, i read about 4 or 5 tarot books without any cards clicking until i read the tarot revealed by paul fenton-smith, then things started to make sense :)

when i read that book i started to see how tarot is everwhere; i understood why ppl i know are the way they are, eg. one of my friends is definately a king of cups while another is a knight of cups, you can put cards to people if you think about how tarot relates to life :)