Interesting possible new layout...


Was reading a fictional book today. In it there were 2 fortune telling Gypsies. They had a layout as follows...

They had a woman shuffle the deck and cut it into 2 (or more, I suppose) piles. Then they asked her which pile her future lay in.

Then they asked when her particular problem had started, how old was she? She said she was 10. They placed 9 cards down (I assume on top of each other like a pile, but face down) and flipped the tenth one over. They read this card.

Then they asked how old she was when the problem got worse (a man sent her away) and she said 13. They laid out 3 more cards flipping over the 3rd and reading it.

Then they asked how old she was now. She was 22. They flipped over 9 more cards turning the last one face up again (now a total of 22 cards) and read that one.

The only part of this method that would be difficult is the second question. They knew (they were clairvoyant) that a man had sent her away. If you're not clairvoyant this would be sort of a difficult spread to work with.

Any comments, any thoughts on how to make this work? I just found it fascinating!

Rhiannon :)


Sounds fascinating...Can't help you on how it would work tho :(


What if the querent was older than 78? :D


Ok, so here's what I did (couldn't wait to try it!).

I grabbed my Robin Wood deck and asked about my upcoming High School Reunion:

I started there at age 14: placed 13 cards face down and then the 14th face up in pile #1. got the 6 of Pentacles.

Graduated at age 17: placed 2 more cards face down and the 3rd face up on pile #2. got the 5 of Pentacles.

Will attend reunion this year age 27/28 (won't attend until after my birthday but I pulled one card for each year) : placed 9 more cards face down and the 10th and 11th face up next to each other on pile #3: Got the 10 of Wands (27) and the Page of Pentacles in reverse (28 )

Also: just to confirm my findings you understand ;), I did another one on my relationship with my husband.

We met when I was 16: pulled the Tower
Got together/he proposed when I was 20: the Lovers
And now I'm 27: 8 of Wands in reverse
I think the cards were laughing at me at this point! :D

So, what do you think?

Rhiannon :)

Oh, P.S. I found the whole "which pile is your future in?" rather cumbersome after the first attempt, so for the second question I just shuffled and cut the deck and dealt off the top as I normally would.

Marion: LOL! That would present a problem, now wouldn't it?


If the querant was older than 78 you could loop it back to the beginning of the deck again, even if it lands on a card thats already face up it means that card is especially important, I like it :)